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  1. glens, you mention that you are a NAD fanboy and have given some good insight into their products. It was mentioned in another forum that NAD amps typically sound bright. Do you disagree? Does the 758 have a warm sound? Does the 758 have a class AB amp or a class D? willland, you have had experience with NAD too, what do you think?
  2. Thanks glens and willland! So you recommend the NAD AVR over the pre/pro and amp suggested?
  3. Yes I’m across the pond (UK). glens, thanks for the suggestion, that NAD looks like it packs all the specs and features. I’ll check UK online shops to see if there are similar discounts, fingers crossed. How does it compare to the Marantz SR7011? I know you don’t like Marantz but in terms of specs and features, and most importantly sound quality? And what about the Denon AVR-X4500H? 125w per channel, this should bring out some good sound quality from my Klipsch speakers no? What is blueOS?
  4. JohnA, thanks very much for the recommendations. I need to look at these in detail. It was mentioned before that for 1k I can get a high end AVR but would need to spend 2 maybe 3k+ each on pre/pro and amp to get mid level range. My question: are the pre/pro and amp models you suggested going to give me better quality sound than a high end AVR?
  5. Thanks wvu80. Your setup looks amazing! So I either triple (or more) my budget for a mid level preamp processor and amp setup, or I stick with my current budget and get a high end AVR? I have searched for AVRs and can see that Marantz, Denon, Onkyo, are the good brands. But there are so many models each with different features and specs, I have no clue what I should be looking at or how much I should be spending from that 1k-ish budget. Maybe I should go the AVR route, add in the center down the line and in time to come go for an upgrade with a much bigger budget. That seems to be the popular guidance given here. So I just need to find the right AVR. Can I get some recommendations from everyone please?
  6. Thanks all for your input. Thanks billybob for the integrated amp recommendation, it’s within my budget and has built in DAC. Does it have a sub out? willand, thanks for the recommendation to post here, and for your informative response. I’ll admit, our friend in the other chat really got me convinced that I should avoid AVRs. But you’ve reopened the thought. What does sound like a great option is the preamp processor and amp combo. Could you explain more about this please? I assume it’s not as good for sound quality as an integrated amp? But it will allow me to add a center speaker down the line? You would recommend this over an AVR? One comment in the other chat put me off centers as it sounded like a waste of money, but the majority recommend it especially for improved dialogue in movies. So now I’m back on wanting to add one down the line. I think my room wouldn’t allow for rears but it’s nice to have the option if things change. So an integrated amp is 2 channel? So I can only have my speakers, no sub, no Center? Could you recommend a couple of models for the preamp pro + amp combo please? Preferably one with built in DAC? Or is this not needed?
  7. Yes, the 1k is for all the kit I need to power the speakers and the sub which I already have. The more I look into things and the more I think about it, the more certain I am that I don’t want an AV receiver. So what kind of preamp and amp should I be looking at? I have no idea where to start. I’m worried that I’ll end up buying something that is not suitable for my speakers or something that won’t bring out the best in my speakers. If you could recommend a few preamps and amps within my budget please.
  8. Hi all, I have the RP-8000F towers and the R-12SW sub. I have no knowledge about amps, preamps, and what I need to set everything up. I will use these for watching movies on Netflix and Satellite TV, and also for music (which is my passion) via Spotify either using TV app or by iPhone (AirPlay to TV). I want quality over quantity so would prefer to go the preamp/DAC and amp route over the AV receiver route. Movies are for my wife and I but the music is for me and I want to get the most out of my speakers as I absolute love music. I’ve heard good setups before and was fascinated with the warmth, detail, richness... My budget is around 1k but if it’s needed to spend more to get the best quality then I can stretch a bit. Please educate me on what’s needed and how I should set up but also please recommend some models. Many thanks in advance!
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