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    R-112SW issue

    Here's everything you need to know. I got this info directly from Klipsch Product Support. (Klipsch Product Support) Feb 6, 4:18 PM EST The part(s) you are looking for is/are available. If you wish to order, you can contact us at 800-554-7724 between 8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M (EST) Monday-Friday. Any of our reps will be more than happy to assist you in your order. Prices listed below do not include shipping and tax. Part Number(s): 1061068 - R-112SW NA AMPLIFIER - $207.00 There will be a flat shipping rate of $8.00 plus tax as well. FYI, This is for shipping in the USA, to California.
  2. First, tell us the model # if your Klipsch subwoofer. Sounds like amplifier is bad. Options: (1) get amp repaired, this will probably be least expensive, or only option. (2) buy a new replacement amplifier (more expensive) from Klipsch, if available. (3) buy a separate component amplifier, probably the most expensive, but possibly the most reliable option depending on the amplifier you use.
  3. If it's over 2yrs old it's out of warranty. My R112sw did the same thing when the power amplifier burned out. You can get a new updated Klipsch power amplifier #1061068 for about $215 with shipping, but minus tax . There's also a guy on here in the modification section that repairs these amplifiers. If you want to go with a stand alone, component amplifier. Imo that might be more reliable, but more expensive.
  4. See if you find a set of Klipsch RB 61ll (95db 1w), or RP 160M (96db 1w). They both handle 100w rms.
  5. You can still easily find the r115sw (new old stock) on Amazon for $300-$400 less than the spl150. Most of the r115sw's produced close to the end of the production run should have the new revision of the power amplifier. Even if it by some chance it doesn't a newer amplifier, you can get one from Klipsch for about $220. Which still keeps it under the cost of the spl150. Imo, the r115sw looks nicer.
  6. A single MBM 18 would be better suited for his price range and music listening.
  7. Take a look at the PSA S1512DF($1100), or V1512DF($1150), or S1512 ($1200) if you want a finish other than Satin Black. 5 yr warranty, free shipping, 60 day trial period. (minus return shipping cost.) You also have a 60 day price protection in case there's a price drop. I believe you'll get more DB output above 25hz for your music listening, vs equally priced SVS Subs.
  8. I'd check out these subs: SVS pb12-nsd (400W rms, 18-150hz +/-3db). It's a older model, but you can still buy it new for $500 on Amazon, and at the svs subwoofer outlet. The new model rls speedwoofer 10S (350W rms, 24-200hz +/-3db) is available for $400. Then there's Klipsch spl100 (200W rms, 27-125hz +/-3db) is on sale for $459, and as a "scratch & dent" for $384 at "Crutchfield". There's also "scratch & dent" Klipsch spl120 (300W rms, 24-125hz +/-3db) at "Crutchfield" for $471, and NIB for $551. Just a few more options to look at .
  9. I've had mine over 2yrs and have never had any problems with it .
  10. I talked with Klipsch tech support today and I tried my best to get the specs, but he told me that he couldn't give me the info so I can set up my DSP-408 set up the same as the factory specs. I guess the info is a trade secret...lol
  11. Update, Well, after running 5 different tone generator Android apps, I've come to the conclusion that the port tuning frequency is 30hz. I thought it was probably around 27hz, but was surprised that it turned out to be at 30hz. If you disagree with my findings please let me know why.
  12. This is a little off topic. Would you happen to know the following specs. for the Klipsch R112SW : The high-pass frequency, and it's slope(12,18, or 24db). The boost frequency, level DB amount, and Q if possible. The reason for asking is that I'm powering my r112sw(2ea.) with a Crown xls 1502. One of the plate amplifiers is burned out( amp is now gone) and the other I just removed so I can run them both off the crown amplifier. I know it's a long shot, but I thought if anybody on the Klipsch forums might know, it would be you. Thanks for your time and help.
  13. FYI, the plate amplifier on my r-112sw subwoofer is burn't, I'm using a Crown xls pro-amp as a replacement to power the sub now, and will be getting a Dayton Audio dsp-408 next month to dial in the sub. So knowing the port tuning frequency, and drive fs needs to addressed 1st, before any room response eq is performed. Wouldn't you want to know the fs of the sub and the port tuning freq of the cabinet it's in before setting the high-pass to protect the sub from over excursion, and running room correction equalization, especially when the sub drive specs, and it's cabinet port tuning freq. aren't readably available..? I do understand the room size and shape, and the subs location within the room plays a big part in the subs freq. response at the main listening position. I hope this clarifies your misunderstanding of why I'm asking for these specifications. Thanks
  14. Yeah, I down loaded a test tone app and started at 30hz and worked my way down to 23hz then back up to 30hz several times and it seems to be about 28hz. One thing I did notice is the sub starts moving a lot more below 25 hz. So the lowest I'd set the high-pass is probably 24hz. Unluckily I'll have to wait until next month before I can buy a Dayton Audio DSP-408 to find out what frequency and roll-off slope works best. Thanks for the reply.
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