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  1. Not to imply I have a magic cure, I learned they rang when my daughter snuck up behind the cabinet and shouted through the horn. Most of the ring went away when I used a foam seal around the mounting plate of the horn to speaker cab. The rest went away when I slapped some plumbers putty on top of the horn. BUT, I only push a watt through them, and usually half volume. At full volume they still ring. 🙃 I am happy but I’m a tinkerer so I’m never truly happy. The whole concept was to build stuff with the hand I’ve been dealt. I expected they would sound like butt, but they have surpassed my expectations and then some. Now it’s just tweaking and learning to have the knowledge someday to build my own set, maybe transfer the speakers to not so damaged cabinets.
  2. Thank you for the reply and information. I’m guessing this boosts the upper high frequencies without making the midrange unbearable? This will come in handy now that I have moved the speakers out of the room and into the living room. I have those resistors and capacitors to play with, maybe tonight I will mess with it. They are 90 percent done. I still need to build a back cover for the Compression driver. When I settle on crossover settings, I may look into converting them into passive but that’s a long ways away.
  3. So, out of curiosity, does anyone have any experience with time alignment? A crossover that I found for sale has the ability to time delay a specific speaker. Is it futile without equipment to measure results or can I adjust by ear? Ultra-Crites. Yeah. Gonna need. A sponsorship for that one. All jokes aside, I did just buy some 3636 autoformers from him. I’m not sure he would want his name on these... things. 😄 Besides, my friend already named them Cornhorns. 🙃 I’m getting it engraved in brass.
  4. Thanks for the tips. My friend gives me shredded denim pads that his food service uses to insulate food. It does pretty well for the walls, which I intend it to go. Only the walls though. I say stuff but a better term is probably lined. I actually had no desire for altec anything. I got them as a package deal, the gentleman previous had them on top, which seems like a sensible idea. I am not sensible however, and always wanted a two way speaker. I’ve come to love klipsch through my desire to build tube amplifiers, which sound lovely with klipsch heritage stuff. Really cool on the A7’s though!
  5. I could honestly take an inch ply and hollow it out a bit. It’s only about 1/4 inch protruding. It will happen after I finish stuffing the cabinet walls with damping material. To touch up on your weight comment, I had a pair of klipschorns and La Scalas at some point. It’s just odd with a Cornwall. So, all seriousness aside, Cornwaltecs or Voice of the Corn? 😃
  6. After an hour or two of listening and tweaking I can say with confidence that these woofers are some capable pieces of equipment. AB’ing the woofers alone, They are flatter in response, balanced but powerful. I guess cohesion comes to mind with the horns. Only negative is my Cornwalls now weigh 100 pounds+. I’m a bit tired now but here are some more photos of the project as it’s taking shape and form.
  7. An update! I found a pair of Turbosound LS-1506 15” woofers, apparently equivalent to a precision device woofer of some kind. Anyone heard of turbosound? They were free, for the most part. They are humongous, cast aluminum frame, and sound pretty damn good. The crossover sounds nice as configured. I plan to address the amplifier issue at sone point. This was just a luck find.
  8. Actually I intend to use a separate amp for lows and highs. I think I can do that with this. I don’t have enough TRS to RCA connectors so I need to buy more tomorrow. Just running one speaker, some observations: 1. Transparency is present now. 2. The crossover sounds much better at 700 hz. 3. Taking the Highs down 10 dB balances everything very well. A click Less or more and the sound goes out the window. Go figure, one is roughly 10db more sensitive. I probably would have given up if I stayed passive. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions to go active. I need to acquire wood at some point to finish the rear of the cabinets.
  9. Thank you for your wisdom sir. I found a crossover that may do the trick locally, a dbx233s for 50 bucks. I have a pair of tube amps that I wouldn’t mind using for the task as well. Gain may be a problem but I’m patient with tuning stuff. I will post again when I get the set up working.
  10. To some extent I agree. An active crossover was always the plan but I know nothing of where or how to implement. Other than the Lpad being wonky, they sound quite good to me, but to each their own. Why do you think the crossover is inadequate? Would an active crossover be ok considering I run only tube amplifiers on my speakers?
  11. The project is done, sort of. I’m having issues with balance due to the Lpads I purchased not being matched. I need to see if I can take it apart to make it work.
  12. Thank you for the greeting. IIRC, they started out as a set of Cornwalls with unbranded tweeters, Pyle PDS182 mids with 5 cent plastic midhorns, an MCM 55-2953 15” woofer, and emb CX-10 crossover. The cabinets were the most expensive thing but were also pretty badly damaged. I received them with a pair of crites CT125s in place of poo tweeters, and a pair of altec 511b horns with 808-8A drivers, those properly knackered with too. currently, I’m running them with B&C DE250s, The woofer listed above and a homemade crossover, 18db HPF and 6db LPF both set at 900hz and an L-Pad on the Horn because it over-powers the woofer many times over.
  13. All of those are great ideas. The extension is the next thing on my list, err our list. This is as much their project as it is mine. I merely cut a hole and installed them.
  14. Apologies, I don’t get emails, need to set notifications for replies. Here are the photos of the rear. An active crossover is certainly in the cards, Probably needed since I’ve changed the dynamics of how the cabinet sounds. Randyh, you are correct. This is part of the reason I haven’t picked up Altec drivers for these. I needed something low profile, so I don’t have a big lump sticking out of the back. The horn does fit.... without a compression driver attached. 🙃 This isn’t really a build of what I want, more like this is what I have and can I make it work. I would have preferred a K400 but the purchase came with the 511b horns, a mangled pair of 808-8A drivers, a Pyle mid horn and pds152 driver, MCM 55-2953 woofer, and crites CT-125 tweeter. They are far from done.
  15. Thought you guys might enjoy my latest accident. I have never attempted anything like this but have help from some knowledgeable people. Drivers will most likely be a B&C DE250 and an MCM 55-2953 (until I find something better, they came with this.) These guys were pretty mangled cabinets filled with probably the cheapest drivers one could buy and fit in a Cornwall cab. I know people put them on the top, but oh well.
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