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  1. There is no good ripper. The last one got a few good ones in. But damn. Don't aspire to be like him.
  2. Well. Just stop it. If you like your music, stop ruining it.
  3. The dsp is a must this time around. I have 3 r112sw and one SVS pc2000. The SVS really ain't that impressive i think. And the Klipsch look really nice. Also the formfactor. I was thinking about SB2000 pro. But i have a hard time deciding.
  4. Hey guys. So i have been looking at the Klipsch C-310ASWi. I don't remember reading anything about it here though. Doesn't anyone have a couple of these? I am quite interested in hearing your thoughts about them. I have a hard time deciding between these and SVS. I just really want to stick with Klipsch you know. Any input will be appreciated.
  5. Well. That whining and bitching are just from people who whine and *****. I am however genuinely curious how you would do it? And have you heard the lll?
  6. Reading is one thing. Reading from people with actual experience is another. Thanks for the input though. This thread have been quite useful up until now. I learned a lot none the less. 🙂
  7. Spotify? Really? Not Qobuz or Tidal?
  8. Deang. Just out of curiosity. What did you change on the crossovers you used to make for the Rf's? Did you make it from scratch or did you just alter the stock ones? Just better materials or did you alter the crossover frequency? You haven't made any for the lll have you?
  9. Isn't most soldering materials a mix of a couple of those? The melting point of some of those would fry the board would it not?
  10. Therefore i was a bit hesitant with using two example, 1 uf caps to achieve 2. Wouldn't it be a lot harder to establish a sure connection using more caps in serial?
  11. You will never be able to achieve an inter metallic bond with soldering. That would require the to materials being soldered both being made of lead. Otherwise you can achieve a great melting bath with welding.
  12. I was thinking about that at some point during my research. How much does the soldering affect things and what should i use to solder a crossover? Isn't lead a bad thing and how much silver can actually be blended into the solder material?
  13. I do agree with you on that one. I can't see how there should be any advantage in throwing in a 1 for example with a cheaper 7.2 or so and then magic happens.
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