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  1. Thanks for the reply, doing the RP Towers x2 6000F's , center RP404C and bookshelves RP 500M's puts me at $2406 with no sub and $2656 w/sub which is well over my $1700 budget. Dont get me wrong i would love too start out with better quality plus i still have to buy a AVR. Even doing the lowest RP with sub would put me at $1863 + $499 ( sony VSX-LX104 ) AVR is $2362 or $2662 ( sony vsx-lx304 $799 ) But i do respect your OP very much gives me some things to consider.
  2. Yeah i dont need Atmos right this second so i get where your coming form. Im going to have to wall mount the TV as the R-625FA had a huge center speaker and will block the TV quite a bit. Even if i get the R-34C it will block the TV by 2.5 inches sadly. Maybe do the Klipsch R-820F 5.1 and wall mount the R-41SA's ( obviously as they are wall mount speakers ) that way i can get the better center?
  3. Thanks for the reply, its a small but long room, i could move back the couch some more if need be. One problem i see already is i dont have room on the left side of the couch for the bookshelf speaker with some sort of stand
  4. Hello guys just had a question ( maybe many questions )about a system im looking at. This is my very first HTS and was looking at the Klipsch R-625FA 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theater System. This system will mainly be used for playing music ( all types but mainly hip hop and EDM ) and movies My room size is 7'8"H x 14'D x 24'W with hardwood floors and no texture on ceiling. So first question is, is this system going to work or should i not do the DA 5.1.2 and just do a 5.1? Sooner or later i'd like to do a 2nd sub so should i be looking at a 5.2 system ( but this is controlled by the Receiver ) correct? Or should i look at the R-820F 7.1.2 DOLBY ATMOS HOME THEATER SYSTEM i just dont like the FSP with that thing on the top ( lol ). Im on a tight budget and for the system i can deal with the $1700 but my 2nd issue is what receiver would i need to run as its the heart of the system. Budget on that would be around $550-$650 max ( i know thats probably really low but that what it is. Thanks a ton and hope to hear back soon as i wanna put this on order as my Xmas gift 😃 Thanks Brian
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