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  1. Would folk that's heard the difference say the new Cornwall is a warmer sound than the Forte 3's
  2. Thanks khornukopia that thread was most informative. I think with the different material used for the mid driver and the larger horn, I think a pair might even have to consider a pair of the Cornwall 4's.
  3. Evening from the UK. I currently have a wonderful pair of Forte 3's looking at me across my listening room. Fast dynamic with bass and I natural live sound to them, whilst being driven by my icon audio stereo 60 tube amp. I have seen the Cornwall 4's getting high praise over the water, unfortunately not for sale yet here in the uk. So would like to ask those that have heard the latest Forte and the C4 for a sound comparison please. Ie bass treble and most importantly warmth to the midrange, does the new C4 midrange add warmth. Also any comparisons on treble. I realise all subjective but if anyone has been fortunate enough to have ab comparison I would be thankful for there input.
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