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  1. Thank you for your responses
  2. I am not an audiophile but wanted to set it up right with good speakers at Medium budget. I am looking for an explanation about Klipsch and Energy deal because i heard Klipsch R and RP models are nothing but Energy speakers with Klipsch looks?
  3. I am planning to buy Klipsch Reference series speakers for my 7.1 home theater setup. I was told that Energy is bought by Klipsch way back in 2006 and is using the same technology as 'Energy Connoisseur'. If that is true, why would i need to spend $2000+ for Klipsch Reference models or $3000+ for Klipsch Reference premiere models when i can get 'Energy Connoisseur' under $1000? Please clarify the confusion about the technology difference between Klipsch reference/premiere vs Energy Cannoisseur.
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