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  1. Again appreciate the responses, I am not looking to really sell them, just kind of threw it out there, sure do enjoy them.
  2. Here are the pics of Mr. Klipsch signature, they were on strips that I can apply to the speakers.
  3. Ok thanks for the input, I will show pics of the signature, they are real, I worked for a Klipsch full line dealer back then, they (Klipsch) had a one time offering for full time employees ,buy any Klipsch product at xyz off list, so I bought the Khorns and I knew the sales rep and asked to get them signed and kind of picked out if you will by Mr. Klipsch, thats how I got them.
  4. Ok, thanks for the input, but I don't know, an old baseball bat is one thing one signed by Babe Ruth...a whole different thing.
  5. Walnut, all stock, no mods if thats what you mean, 1 owner, good condition but not showroom, been moved once.
  6. Just curious what do you folks think a pair of Khorns signed by Mr. Big...Paul Klipsch, circa 1993 are worth Signed at the factory. Thanks for any input.
  7. I own Khorns and 820f floorstanderfs along with other speakers and gear, I have Naim, to me Naim and Klipsch are not the best match I have 6 systems, SS and tube gear, Mcintosh and Linn are a much better match ( to my ears anyway). Along with EL 34 or 84 based tube amps.
  8. I was about to say...Bad sounding Khorns ? it is either, out of phase or source and electronics, I have had my Khorns (signed by Mr. Paul K.) since 1993 in 2 different homes, most gear works well some doesnt, trial and error.
  9. Hi, I have had a fair amount iof Naim gear and currently have a 282 preamp hicapdr into the amp section of a Supernait. I have 3pr of Klipsch, A pair of K horns original Heresy and just pick up about a month ago a new pair of the 820f floor standers. I have 4 systems set up other speakers are B&W bookshelfs. To answer your question I would say not the best match, it certainly works, and I like Naim gear. I find Naim works best on good dynamic speakers. But if yoiu could try it that would be the best option. On the new Klipsch I am using a Mcintosh C48 pre int a Linn lk100 amp, sounds great. I am also using that combo on My khorns, have another Lk100 that sounds great too.
  10. drawtheline55

    NFL 2019

    Hate to say it, they were kind of robbed by the refs, hey they are human and have to make split second calls but the NFL needs to change the rules, all TDs should be reviewed.
  11. drawtheline55

    NFL 2019

    Also a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, good game, bad result, ugh.
  12. drawtheline55

    NFL 2019

    Yep, also NOT resigning Amendola was a big mistake, he and Brady really clicked.
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