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  1. I’ve demoed the MZ2 amp at Tektonics Design in Richmond Va. It’s less costlier than the MZ3 (retails for 1235.00). The primary function(s) of the LTA MZ2 & MZ3 are HP amp & preamp. These amps have the option/capacity to drive highly efficient speakers for near field listening (Klispch, Omega’s, Zu Audio). It’s not designed to pair with inefficient speakers. It states so in the equipment literature. These amps encompass David Berning’s patented ZOTL design & the chassis for the MZ3 is built by Fern & Roby (Tektonics Design Group). The materials that are utilized to build/design furniture & stereo equipment are of heirloom quality...& harken back to the days of the old. They use solid wood & heavy gauged metals (brass) in their shop. I saw it with my own eyes during my aforementioned visit to the Tektonics Design shop location. The owner was nice enough to give me & my family a tour (on Saturday when they were closed). I decided to purchase the MZ3 after hearing the less costlier MZ2. The sound quality is impeccable & the unit is astonishingly dead quiet; adding a inkiness to the overall sound signature. I have a solid state amp (Krell), a desktop amp (Naim), a transportable tube amp (Woo Audio). I understand the expense of this hobby. And if you’re in the hobby I’m certain you can attest to the varied scale of costs as well. The LTA line of amps appear to be priced according to the patented design of the ZOTL tech, the high quality grade chassis build by Tektonics, & there’s likely an undisclosed profit margin built in for labor & the return investment expected on goods sold. This is not uncommon in any free enterprise system where goods are sold based on supply/demand. You cannot assume foul play around cost without evidence to support that position. My intent here isn’t to scold or scoff at those who think these amps are overpriced. To each his own & caveat emptor applies on any purchase. I’ve found there isn’t much ad or marketing fan fare or hype around the LTA amps. I imagine they sell word of mouth stemming from audio trade shows to a select group of folks who have interest in what they offer to your particular set up. I wanted to ensure that there’s balanced opinion here for those who may view this location while seeking information on the LTA amps. It’s also important to understand how the MZ2 & MZ3 are designed & what purpose each model serves. It may not be ideal for your set up if you don’t have highly efficient speakers & intend to max out that single feature. I intend to use it as a preamp/HP amp in a desktop set up. So I have less concern over speaker pairing. For example...I can purchase Omega’s Super 3 High Output speakers at a later date (if proven to be a good match). I can say first hand it’s worth a serious pause if you’re seeking the subjectively ‘best’ in audio HP equipment that offers a high level of sound quality through which to enjoy your love of music on.
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