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  1. I essentially have two small rooms that are connected by a large entryway but sound in one is not great when playing just the cornwalls in the other room (obviously). it’s tough bc the rooms are very close to being one room they are so connected, but they aren’t quite. So I wanted to get decent sound in both. I was considering placing the heresys in the second room on a wall opposite from the cornwalls in the first room, separated by the large walkway. My aware the room setup isn’t ideal, but I have to work with what I have right now. Maybe one day I can choose my home based on the acoustics of the living space :) but not today. it sounds like I should get a second amp for my heresys if I want to be safe and have decent sound.
  2. Hi all I have a set of Cornwalls and a set of Heresy's that I am considering wiring in to my single Line Magnetic 211ia amp with 32wpc at 8 ohms. The amp has a connection point for 4 ohm speakers, so I'm considering wiring the 8 ohm Cornwalls and 8 ohm Heresy's in parallel (4 Ohms total) to the 4 Ohm connection on the amp. Is there any downside to doing this? Will I get less power/volume from the amp? Will I have worse sound? Also, can I use a speaker selector box with separate volume controls for the two sets of speakers? Any suggestions here? I don't think I would need one that has a resistor in it. All advice appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Has anyone had success shipping to Europe? I'm down to wait a few weeks but I want to ship Cornwalls.
  4. I recently moved to Amsterdam and am looking for set of Cornwalls ideally for less than $3000 USD for sale anywhere within a two day drive of Amsterdam. Also, tube amps $1k or less to power them. Have searched hifishark, but let me know if anyone else is looking to sell. Cheers y'all, Kristo
  5. Woah. Good to know. Possibly making a trip from sardegna back home to amsterdam with some cornwall IIIs and trying to figure out what car I'll need to rent
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