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  1. Dear all, cannot update fimware on my T5, neither I can use the APP (using Android OS) in order to properly configure my headphones. Several time uninstalled and newly installed the app, and meticulously followed the instructions for updating the firmware, but button was always on Not ready (please find the attached picture, it's in italian language "Non pronto"). Please also note that app shows version 0.0.0 as installed firmware version: maybe this is a critical issue? Thanks in advance for Your help. Ciao, cett1
  2. Dears all, unfortunately left hinge of my Image One BT headphones starts breaking... Please see below image (showing the right-side hinge, but please consider the left-side): the point indicated by the arrow starts cracking, and the earphone doesn't stands close to the left ear anymore. Any help in finding a replacement part? Found something on the web, but the price was ridiculously expensive (more than 25 $)... excluding shipping costs (I live in Italy...) Thanks in advance from Your precious help. Regards, Danilo.
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