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  1. I've never heard of that kind of behaviour before. If you're connecting via Bluetooth or analog the audio level at the source will affect the output volume level. More likely it is due to an intermittent component failure in the soundbar. Open a service request with Klipsch Product Support.
  2. Read this: Cinema 600 - How to Check Firmware Versions v31 is the current version. I don't remember what version was installed prior to v31 but it was most likely a number smaller than "31". I don't ever remember seeing a v65 firmware for the Cinema 600.
  3. Hi Ron, Welcome to the Klipsch Community forums. The public forums are the correct place to ask for help. This way, everyone can benefit from the answers.πŸ™‚ I suspect your assessment of the issue is correct. Unfortunately, after two years, it is unlikely you can get a warranty replacement but I would try anyway. If you can't get a replacement your only other option is to take it in to a Klipsch dealer who does repairs or an electronics service depot and see if they can repair it. They may be able to locate a replacement power supply or maybe identify a few capacitors that need to be replaced. In any case, it's likely to cost a lot less than a new soundbar. I didn't! πŸ™‚ The Cinema 800 is my fourth soundbar. See this post for more details.
  4. Welcome to the Klipsch Community forums. As I mentioned to JB19 in my previous post, review other Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200 posts. It's unfortunate but information is dispersed among a dozen different threads. The Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200 have a lot in common and you will find useful information in the Cinema 1200 threads too. Others have also reported that crackling sound. While the Surround 3 speakers could be defective, the issue might also be resolved with a firmware update to your soundbar which will update the firmware in your surrounds. The first thing you should do is Submit a request to Klipsch Product support. Describe your issue and provide them with your current firmware versions. To do that, see this article: Cinema 800 - How to Check Firmware Versions.
  5. I just updated my Cinema 800 a couple of weeks ago with the latest firmware from Klipsch. The Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200, while different products, have many similarities and similar issues. I have not seen any Release Notes from the Cinema 1200 firmware documentation. These are the latest firmware versions for the Cinema 800: MCU 107 > WIFI > DSP 5.0 > SUR T 04 > SUR R 11 > SUB T 03 > SUB R 02 > HDMI 43 While this firmware hasn't resolved all my issues it definitely is an improvement. These are the release notes on the firmware documentation I received from Klipsch for the Cinema 800. Resolved "no sound after prolonged standby or mute" issue, requiring a power cycle Addressed crackling in surround speakers User experience has been improved. FACTORY RESET now scrolls when device is reset. Night Mode and Dialog Mode now preview the current setting before changing. The bar no longer endlessly scrolls UPDATING when an update is installed. Sometimes the update would cause the bar to no longer power on - aka β€œbricking.” This has been addressed. No longer scrolls "Network Not Detected" when bar is actually connected to network. Bar no longer wakes up in "CAST" mode, even when not casting from a device Resolved issues related to Mesh Networks Updates to Google Play and Spotify support
  6. @JP71 Have a look at this thread: Bar 48 No-Power Repair Thread.
  7. @Stockhammer Read the Cinema 400 documents and see if they answer your questions. If not, open a case (i.e. Submit a request) with Klipsch Product Support and ask about a warranty replacement. You may no longer be able to return your soundbar to your retailer but it does have a warranty which I think might be 1 year.
  8. Most of the BAR 48 issues have been encountered previously by other customers and have been discussed in other threads. The first thing to do is review existing forum content. If your issue is not addressed, you are better off adding your comments to one of the existing threads dealing with your specific product/issue. Click here for content related to the BAR 48.
  9. @001 @billybob I've been helping out with issues affecting the BAR series and Cinema series sound bars for the past couple of years but I seem to miss posts when someone starts a new thread. If you think I can help out somewhere, please tag me and I'll jump in. @Floyd91 Most of the issues have been encountered previously by other customers and have been discussed in other threads. The first thing to do is review existing forum content. If your issue is not addressed, you are better off adding your comments to one of the existing threads dealing with your specific product/issue. Click here for content related to the BAR 48.
  10. @Larry1974GD Re: Audio Quality There is a lot of information about things that can impact audio quality if you search online. There is no way this issue can be explained in a few paragraphs here. The sound levels you obtain when using an analogue or Bluetooth input depend on the source. If the sound from the soundbar is not loud enough, increase the sound level at the source. Again, audio quality also depends on the source material. If you are listening to old MP3 files, it doesn't matter what type of connection to the soundbar you have, the audio quality will be poor. Most TVs will pass through audio from one of its inputs to the HDMI-ARC as-is without converting it so while the HDMI-ARC (or eARC) has a much higher bandwidth than other connections and can support higher quality audio, it can't improve or change the audio quality it sees on its other inputs. If you are listening to audio only from external sources, you are better off connecting those sources directly to your Cinema 600 using the Digital (optical) input if you can. If not, use the analogue or Bluetooth inputs. You will get the best audio quality from your TV using the HDMI-ARC connection. This will allow you to use your TV's CEC functions to turn the soundbar on/off and control the volume using the TV remote. The Cinema 600 supports "Dolby Audio" but there are many types and only the most basic one, Dolby Digital, is supported. Dolby Digital can provide 5.1 surround sound via the HDMI-ARC or Digital connection but it cannot be considered high quality audio. Dolby Digital Plus can provide "CD Quality" audio but only via HDMI-ARC or HDMI-eARC. Unfortunately, the Cinema 600 cannot decode Dolby Digital Plus. If you want higher quality audio and higher sound levels from your Surround 3s, you might want to consider a Cinema 800. It will work with your existing Surround 3s. It has two HDMI connections on the soundbar so you will not be restricted by any limitations your TV may have. It supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, Dolby HD, and more. It supports HDMI-eARC so if your TV also has HDMI-eARC your soundbar will be able to process higher quality audio from your TV. Dolby Atmos provides precise positioning of specific sounds: front to back; left to right; up and down. The Cinema 800 does not support any up/down positioning and there is no way to connect additional speakers needed for full Atmos positioning but it does support Dolby Atmos, provides better positioning of sound than does Dolby Digital and provides much higher quality audio. I hope this helps...
  11. @Larry1974GD Re: Surround 3s The sound levels and sound quality delivered to the Surround 3s are determined by the firmware on the soundbar. Customers have been complaining about extremely low sound levels from their Surround 3s for a long time. Klipsch attempted to resolve these issues on the BAR 48 with a couple of firmware updates but I noticed very little difference after applying the updates. The Cinema 600 only provides very limited control of the Surround 3 volume and, in my opinion, it too is largely ineffective. See the Klipsch article: Cinema 600 - Surround Sound Level Adjustment with Surround 3's. I now have a Cinema 800. There have been three firmware updates since I've had this soundbar and the Surround 3s now produce adequate sound levels. The Cinema 800 firmware updates will also update the firmware on the attached surrounds and have resolved other issues like hissing and scratchy sounds that some customers have reported. Since I am using the same Surround 3s that I purchased with my BAR 48, I can only conclude that the majority of the issues affecting the Surround 3s are a result of the soundbar to which they are attached.
  12. @Larry1974GD That's a lot of information you have provided... Have a look at these Cinema 600 documents. They may answer some of your questions. I'll try to respond to some of your concerns a little later when I have more time.
  13. No it is not. @JasonMCG reported here that, "On the back of the bar (as well as on the box), the model number is listed "Cinema 600-2"." speculating that there may have been a model update. Can you confirm your model number? I would update your support request and report this issue. Please see my post for more important information.
  14. The BAR 48 definitely can process Dolby Digital. I enjoyed many movies that had Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks. Dolby Digital Plus provides higher sound quality than does Dolby Digital. The BAR 48 specs said it could process Dolby Digital Plus but Klipsch never got that part working.
  15. I was provided a Cinema 600 warranty replacement for my BAR 48 which had a multitude of issues. The BAR 48 was supposed to support Dolby Digital Plus which can provide CD quality audio but it never worked. I was never able to get Dolby Digital Plus working with my Cinema 600 then Klipsch admitted that the Cinema 600 doesn't support Dolby Digital Plus so the replacement didn't provide the same features that the BAR 48 was supposed to provide. Before I could discuss the matter with Klipsch, the Cinema 600 dropped dead! Long story short, I now have a Cinema 800 and still using the same Surround 3s that I purchased with my BAR 48. Most of My BAR 48 issues appear to have been resolved in the Cinema 600 and now my Cinema 800 supports Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos. The Cinema 800 is everything the BAR 48 should have been! The Cinema 800 has had its issues, most of which have been firmware related. Klipsch has just provided me with their latest firmware update which looks very promising. While the crackling sound you hear may be due to an issue with the Surround 3s, some customers have reported that issue has been resolved with the latest firmware update to their Cinema 800 soundbar which will also update the firmware in the Surround 3s. I understand your issues trying to get a warranty exchange on your Cinema 600. Klipsch may be more sympathetic if you explain that you had a BAR 48 with many issues, that you purchased the Cinema 600 as a replacement and didn't seek a warranty replacement on your BAR 48. You may still be able to return your new Cinema 600 to Best Buy and wrangle a Cinema 800 as a replacement from Klipsch, if you are lucky. Let us know what transpires.
  16. Yes! I wouldn't install it. The latest publicly available firmware, which Klipsch has removed from their website, updated the Cinema 1200 firmware to MCU v99 > WIFI > DSP 4.9 > SUR T 82 > SUR R 82 > SUR L 82 > SUB T 03 > SUB R 06 > HDMI 43. Prior to that there was a firmware update that changed DSP 4.4 to DSP 4.9. There have been a lot of issues with firmware updates. Some soundbars became quite unstable after the above firmware was installed. If the soundbar had an Internet connection, it would try to update itself automatically. Most of the time, that update would not complete successfully leaving the soundbar in an unstable state. The workaround was to install the above firmware update manually. I don't know if this is still an issue or if Klipsch has prevented the soundbar from updating itself automatically. Klipsch is aware of these issues and is working to resolve them. They have sent emails to some customers asking that they try the newest firmware which updates the soundbar to MCU v101 > WIFI > DSP 5.0 > SUR T 82 > SUR R 82 > SUR L 82 > SUB T 03 > SUB R 06 > HDMI 43. There are some reports of issues with the new firmware. Keep in mind that these newest firmware components are not yet publicly available and must be viewed as beta versions, at best. Furthermore, the MCU, WIFI, and DSP firmware are designed to work together and installing just one of those components with older firmware may produce unpredictable results.
  17. You're very welcome. We do what we can. πŸ™‚ I haven't had a chance to review threads on other products. I've had my hands full dealing with soundbar issues here and on another popular forum. I hope customers are happier with Klipsch's higher end products! Kevin
  18. @Webb07, I just came across your post. There have been lots of discussions on the Cinema 1200. Please review the existing Cinema 1200 posts.
  19. Thanks @billybob. Unfortunately, I didn't get an email notification...
  20. @Ashley, Welcome to the Klipsch forums. There have been two firmware updates to address known issues since DSP 4.4 but Klipsch has removed them from the website because they have created additional issues on some soundbars. Klipsch is working on new firmware updates which, hopefully, will be available shortly. If the Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200 have a connection to the Internet they will try to update the firmware automatically but most of the time it fails. The workaround is to install the firmware manually. The procedure is described in the link you provided but, as you now know, it has been removed. Please contact Klipsch Product Support. They will notify you when new firmware becomes available. They have also provided some customers a link to DSP 4.9 as an interim solution. For more information, see the Cinema 800 - Landing Page and review other Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200 posts.
  21. @JB19, Welcome to the Klipsch forums. I'm sorry your soundbar is not behaving as expected. Can you provide a little more information about your setup? Does your setup include the Surround 3 speakers? How is your soundbar connected to your TV? Are your audio/video sources connected to your TV or directly to the soundbar? How? What are the soundbar firmware versions? See: Cinema 800 - How to Check Firmware Versions What Playback mode have you selected? Try Direct but you will likely want Standard. See: Cinema 800 - Decoding and Playback Modes I will provide additional information once you have responded. In the meantime, review other Cinema 800 and Cinema 1200 posts.
  22. I do not have that issue. My Apple TV 4K and my cable box are connected to the soundbar. They both remain powered on all the time although the Apple TV goes to sleep when not in use. Turning the TV on/off does the same to the soundbar. When I turn on the TV, the soundbar shows the last input to which it had a connection which is usually the cable box. If I know I want to watch a streaming service from my Apple TV, I just press the menu button on the Apple TV remote: It wakes up the Apple TV. Which turns on my TV. And powers on my soundbar. And automatically switches the soundbar to the HDMI input to which the Apple TV is connected. I just assumed this is the way it works for everyone... πŸ™‚
  23. Actually, you don't need eARC to get Dolby Atmos. Many of the Klipsch articles say you must have eARC and that ARC will not work but they are wrong. My Samsung Q70R TV does not have eARC and I regularly listen to Dolby Atmos content from apps on the TV. HDMI ARC cannot provide the same bandwidth as HDMI eARC and cannot accommodate high quality Dolby content. My TV's HDMI ARC connection does provide the bandwidth needed for Dolby Digital Plus which the TV does support and the Dolby Atmos stream which the TV also supports can be superimposed on the Dolby Digital Plus stream so I can get Dolby Atmos albeit at a lower quality than what is available from an HDMI eARC connection. Many if not most TVs cannot convert audio formats but merely pass them through as is from one input to the output. This could prevent inputs having high quality Dolby content from reaching a soundbar via an HDMI ARC connection. By connecting my audio/video sources directly to my soundbar I can obtain the best audio quality available from those sources without being subjected to any limitations imposed by my TV.
  24. Yes, that is one of the main issues. I must disagree with you here. I had multiple issues with my two BAR 48s that firmware updates were supposed to address but didn't. I had a Cinema 600 that dropped dead after a few months. If you read through the many threads discussing the BAR series and the Cinema series soundbars you can see how many owners exchanged their soundbars for another one having the same firmware version only to encounter a whole new set of issues. If you need more proof, read through the Bar 48 No-Power Repair Thread thread. There definitely are major reliability issues with many Klipsch soundbars. πŸ˜’
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