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  1. I seriously looked in my manual prior to posting this and saw nothing on it lol *face palm* thanks for sharing
  2. Yes i would also like to know how to enable or disable this feature, I hate when the bar 'sleeps' and doesnt turn back on.
  3. Firmware fixed the issue it seems, anyone know what External Player and Installer mode does or how to activate it?
  4. I never understood what this meant either, however, if you hold the SUR button on the remote it brings up another mode where the DIGITAL and HDMI lights flash with the white light in the front in the 'middle' and if you press the SUR button it will toggle between DIGITAL and HDMI. Really weird and do not know exactly what it does. Cannot find anything about it anywhere, maybe I am not searching well enough
  5. Just applied the firmware update as of today, it did fix the subwoofer issue (which my wife hated, and want to make me get rid of it lol)....have not tried the bluetooth yet. Will check in a bit and report back.
  6. I’m using the Bluetooth to play music and the subwoofer isn’t on. Is this normal or a setting I can change? When I swap back to the digital input, subwoofer works fine. Thanks for all and any help.
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