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  1. Hello, hoping someone can help me troubleshoot the following: I bought a new Klipsch R-10SWi wireless subwoofer and had it working wirelessly for about one week. Now the sub won't produce any sound on the wireless connection. Both the sub and the wireless transmitter show a solid blue LED indicating a successful sync'd connection. I've tried: power cycling the sub power cycling the wireless transmitter re-syncing the sub to the transmitter re-syncing the transmitter to the sub switching from AUTO to ON to OFF and back making sure my gain was high enough on the sub ...and nothing works. The only way to produce sound from the sub is to have a direct wired connection, which obviously defeats the purpose of this wireless enabled unit. That being said, I do know the sub works because it will produce sound with a wired connection into the back of the sub. The problem likely exists in the wireless connection. Any ideas or suggestions on what to try next? Thanks in advance!
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