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  1. and this is what it looks like now in my music room with all the equipment
  2. Then finally the long awaited connection of the external crossover to the system. The complete conversion of the RF 7 MK II took 4 months....
  3. The final wireing and soldering works inside and final design finish with a plexiglass cover
  4. Phase 7 : The DIY Production of the Loudspeaker Cables as well as new DIYPower CordCcables for my Amp, SACDP/ DAC and Streamer / DAC
  5. Phase 5 : The optical revision of the RF 7 MK II. The front now looks much more elegant . Original RF7 II Later .....
  6. Phase 4 : Now all copper contacts cleaned by contact treatment fluid
  7. Phase 3: The RF 7 MK II got this massive substructure to completely decouple the speakerbodys from themselfes and the room to optimize the natural resonance behavior.
  8. Phase 2: Now the old sound insulation inside the loudspeaker cabinet has been replaced by a more efficient one. This novel insulation material massively dampens air- and structure-borne sonic influences. It is only 0.3937 " thick and has been replaced in a ratio of 1:1 in terms of surface area from the older insulation material. Additionally I have damped the horn bodys outside with bitumen mats, to isolate them against the structure-borne sonic of the 10 " drivers
  9. I think it's time for a summary of all modifications to the RF 7 MK II. Then you don't have to dig through the whole thread to find the important details Phase 1 : All contacts to the chassis were replaced by pure copper connectors. In addition, a 2 x 2 mm2 monocrystalline copper loudspeaker cable for the horns as well as the 4 x 10 " Woofer. The terminals received WBT OFC pure copper pole terminals for the cables and the crossover connectors were replaced by pure copper connectors as well. These measures have significantly reduced all contact resistances.
  10. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    There is still enough time for the extraordinary Bernard Allison......with Chills & Thrills on Jazzhouse Records 2007
  11. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Malia and Mr. Boris Blank ( electronical mastermind from the pop group YELLO of switzerland )
  12. yes this will unfortunately happen again and again........and again and again....nobody can protect themselves against that
  13. more " german Krautrock " with the Bank " NOVALIS " and their album " Sommerabend " ( Summerevening )
  14. .......got the whole " Kraftwerk " Collection............ and ELOY has produced another few more albums as well. They were one of the mosted liked Rockbands at that time.
  15. Well, I don't really know .... I live in Europe with about 350 million people. Europe is very densely populated and therefore the risk of infection is very high. Nevertheless, we live with the restrictions set by the European government and we are very considerate of each other. People are all aware of the problem and act accordingly with caution. Hospitals and health care systems are prepared, as well as the whole of society, to be even more restrictive. Of course, everyone hopes, just as you do, that there will be good vaccines and few deaths as soon as possible. We are simply trying to live a very 'normal' life. Hope is given to the number of those who were infected and can now go home because they are healthy. So please don't worry too much. You can do it ...
  16. another band of the very successful " german Krautrock " times from 1967 to 1975............ " E L O Y "
  17. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    no words needed...........
  18. Now it will be very German ... "The Scorpions " ...Rock you like a hurricane
  19. But the " YESSONGS " are really very heavy food, have not understood the album until today and never find a muse to listen to it completely...
  20. another YES Song with John & Vangelis from 1980........" I Hear you know "
  21. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    is a really nice album, it also sounds great ..............it was released at september 2018
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