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  1. 6 minutes ago, billybob said:

    @MicroMara ... think you familiar with Kraftwerk.

    Autobahn my first..

    ELO Y... cool

    .......got the whole " Kraftwerk " Collection............ and ELOY has produced another few more albums as well. They were one of the mosted liked Rockbands at that time.

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  2. Well, I don't really know .... I live in Europe with about 350 million people. Europe is very densely populated and therefore the risk of infection is very high. Nevertheless, we live with the restrictions set by the European government and we are very considerate of each other. People are all aware of the problem and act accordingly with caution. Hospitals and health care systems are prepared, as well as the whole of society, to be even more restrictive. Of course, everyone hopes, just as you do, that there will be good vaccines and few deaths as soon as possible. We are simply trying to live a very 'normal' life. Hope is given to the number of those who were infected and can now go home because they are healthy. So please don't worry too much. You can do it ...

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  3. 54 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    So Lenny's doing the drums now too!!

    New Stuff:o

    Like that very talented guy a lot.


    He was the "house" band for lack of a better term for it played about 250 + nights a year for several years downtown here at an old beautiful church turned into multipurpose entertainment venues. Spirit Square was/is ? it's name. That was just prior to his big 90s hits that he had.

    is a really nice album, it also sounds great ..............it was released at september 2018

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  4. Switched the phonocardridge a few days ago. Since about a year I had the MI Grado Pestige Gold II in use as a pickup, now I have an MI from the head of development at Nagaoka, Mr. Osawa, working here. The absolutely first-class Osawa 301 . Plays in the league of my SA CD player with unbelievable much emotion. I have had this pick up in my collection for over 30 years. Good that I can now also play it from now on. This range is built and sold today under the product names Nagaoka MP 300 and MP 500 and cost between $ 690 - $ 890 each.


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  5. R A S T E R F A H R A I    0033.gif0033.gif 0033.gif      These are the real Reggae roots 0033.gif0033.gif0033.gif


    Bob Marley " Reggae Rebel " and " African Herbsman " were produced in the middle of the late 1960´s ? ..not shure there are no numbers printed in these labels..0056.gif



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    8.000 infected .....20 death....70 recovered

    Current status Covid-19 Germany. All major shopping centres, schools, museums, theatres, stadiums, cinemas, restaurants,coffee shops, etc.are cloed for the next six week. The government asks every fellow citizen for his prudence and assistance. Any necessary personal contact with other people should only be made interactively. Airports, railway stations, long-distance and local transport remain active, as do hospitals and doctors' surgeries. Also all food storage facilities are filled and there will be no supply shortages .German companies employ their staff mainly from the " home office " schools teach their students via the school central server and WhatsApp etc. As far as the current overview from germany....

  7. The whole country of Italy is under quarantine since yesterday. Public life is no longer taking place. Night curfews, borders with neighbouring countries are closed. Nearly 10,000 infected and over 1,000 dead. Germany currently : almost 1,000 infected and only 3 dead .The German government is taking all possible precautionary measures to prevent a pandemic.The spread of the virus obviously depends on general medical structures and care. Nevertheless, nobody can predict more precise estimates




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