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  1. Selling a nice HH Scott Type 130 pre amp. A previous owner has done some work to the pre. The on/off/volume pot was replaced with an Alps volume pot and an on/off switch located at the back on top. All functions work and the pre sounds nice. I did notice one can cap had oozed a bit so I purchased a full set of can caps from Hayseed Hamfest that will be included with the 130. It comes with the tubes that were in it when I received it. Nothing special as I remember (ie, no Teles or Mullards) but all work well. Take a look at the pics and ask any questions you may have. $1000 plus shipping/insurance in the ConUS.
  2. Forte Audio Model 3 stereo amp. The Model 3 was the last amps Nelson Pass was involved with while at Forte Audio. The amp is rated at 200wpc at 8 ohms and 400wpc at 4 ohms. Amp has no issues driving demanding speakers. The amp is fully functional and sounds excellent. It is used and has a few light marks. $600
  3. 6DJ8/6922 vs 6H30 Any experience or thoughts on the 6DJ8/6922 tube vs the 6H30 Super Tube in the BBX? I've got the info to convert mine from 6922 to 6H30 and have been considering it but wanted some opinions from members here who may have experience with both. TIA!
  4. Is there a better forum to ask this in or a different mod that should be contacted?
  5. I've still not heard back from anyone. Looks like my message has not been read yet. Is there any other suggestions for folks to contact in this matter? I've messaged @Chad so far. TIA!
  6. Quick follow up: I replaced the nylon spacers with aluminum and upgraded and relocated the bridge rectifier per suggestion. Ran it about 14 hours yeasterday and on a singing now. Thanks Mark!
  7. None of those options worked but thanks.
  8. I sent Chad a message several days ago but it's not been looked at yet. Same as this one.
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