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  1. can you explain the workings of the auto bias function? How hands on?
  2. He actually works for them...no slag against the amps, of course. I might eventually own one, in fact.
  3. Sorry to unearth an old thread, but how can one price Line Magnetic amps. Their online presence distribution in the US is...limited.
  4. No phono stage, I presume. What are the “Modes?”
  5. How much is that pair worth in parts? That’s an interesting scam, at least.
  6. With this amp, I assume that one has to bias power tubes? (Possibly why the seller doesn’t want to deal with tube headaches.)
  7. 😟 My first album purchase was “Moving Pictures.”
  8. I intend to. I have a phono stage from those folks and am very pleased.
  9. What’s the deal on these amps with the exposed board? I wish I had that kind of extra cash right now...
  10. That place....for the daring, you can order a PS Audio Sprout 100 for $89. I’m not going to link the “deal.”
  11. I got a dirt cheap Luxman M-113 power amplifier the mail today; $62 including shipping. That thing sounds a lot better than I expected! Even at 60w, it might be too much power for the situation (auxiliary system in a smaller room in the house).
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