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  1. The ALs seem to be a little dull, but there are two factors influencing this. One is that the caps are original, I suspect the sound will improve a lot with new caps. Also, they are in my workshop and that isn’t the best acoustic environment to assess performance. The speakers with the caps were in the same location and sounded more balanced. I have a little work to do to make sure all networks and drivers are performing correctly.
  2. Thank you for your inputs. My ultimate challenge was to ensure front 3 match given different years/networks.
  3. I was planning on getting the kit and modding myself. Is there a benefit to having Crites do the build versus diy?
  4. If I go with DeanG or ALK network, would either of these require a tweeter change?
  5. I’ve been reading many threads for months and I think I’m ready to ask for some opinions. I have 3 pairs of La Scalas, early 80s (might be older, need to check stamped number) with a type AA network, 85s with AL and 92s with AL3. The AA networks have had capacitors replaced. I want to use three speakers as left, center, right In my home theater. I’m currently using the 92s as L/R. I’m trying to determine if I should upgrade to Crites tweeters on 3, recap the networks and use -or- upgrade to Crites tweeters and replace with Crites 4500 crossovers -or- upgrade to Crites tweeters and replace with ALK universals. Any thoughts as to which might be best for primary use as L C R in a home theater?
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