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  1. I received reply from Klipsch and they don't have any feet available in stock. 😞
  2. I don't know but I just found 4 feet from CF-3 and they look like KLFs. Probably some EPIC speakers have different feet.
  3. Hi folks, I found 4 feet from CF-3 they are the same like the original for KLFs. So, looking for another 4 feet from Klf 20 or Epic CF-3, CF-4... See the picture, Thanks
  4. I have checked, but they are not the same, thank you
  5. Hi folks, I just bought a really nice pair of KLF 20, but unfortunately with missing feet ( uploaded pictures) I would like to buy original set for hard floor, but I doubt to find. Any ideas, please?! I have another pair with original feet ( uploaded picture, just to show what I am looking for ) Thanks in advance,
  6. Hi, Thanks for your questions. I am looking for complete set - the threaded receptacles+ feet that screw into the receptacles and the plastic ( rubber ) caps. The pictures in my post are from my other pair KLF20 with original feet and I just want to show what I am looking for. My new pair is with all missing feet components . I really doubt to find feet, but any similar I hope. If you have any idea I will be very thankful Dian
  7. Just bought nice pair of KLF20,but there are no feet, so looking to buy 8 pieces like in the pictures, moutn+caps. CF-3,CF-4 are the same feet. Thanks in advance!
  8. I found beautiful Sansui 881, like new. I love Sansui, but if I get a chance to buy HK locally I'll be very happy.
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