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  1. Klipsch has recommended I go to bare wire 16 gauge wire which I am connecting between Denon amp and 600ms. Many good points made. crap in crap out is one. Need to find some hi-res music on Amazon Music to play. I have the Ultimate HD subscription at the moment. I can't play them too loud (ijn apartment0 but maybe violins in classical or any other suggestions welcome.
  2. Unless I crank up my equalizer they are noticeably recessed.
  3. After almost endless accolades and praise, I get them connected to my Denon high-current amp, running hi-res lossless files from my computer and they sound like someone threw a blanket over the tweeters! What the hey? Is that the way they sound until used awhile and if that's the reason for how long? When will i hear the Klipsch tweeters/midrange I purchased them for?
  4. Just got them hooked up and running off my Denon integrated amp, using Blue Jeans Cable, Dac is a Schiit modi 3 and a Lodi Eq. I've heard some speakers benefit or loosen up after some burnin time. The 600ms at least on the first Lossless track i played sound a bit muffled on upper frequencies.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the responses. Very much appreciated.
  6. Website says continuous/peak 100w/400w. I am wanting to pair with a Denon PMA-600NE amp rated 45wpc into 8 ohms. Do the specs on Klipsch site show maximums? I've been told by a dealer of both brands they will work fine together. To me from what I am reading, the 100w continuous amount is the most wattage they can handle continuously not a minimum.
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