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  1. I'm currently repainting the KP682s but we'll get photos up when they look pretty again. For anyone interested in this thread: https://www.stereophile.com/content/dj-club-sound-systems-brooklyn
  2. Also we have used the ARS mixer and it’s so bloody good. As are the Bozak and Rane ones. The Alpha is our fave though.
  3. Hey team. The Loft and loads of other clubs around the world use KHorns as their FOH. You need to wire a lightbulb in as a fuse to prevent blowing the HF. You will need a sub at some point. The KI215 is handy. A La Scala industrial on the top of a KP480 sub is a really good full range rig, and will give you loads of headroom. We currently use 4 x KP362 over 4 x KP682 and the sound is similar in flavour to the LSI/480 combo and a bit more robust. You could also try find the industrial Cornwall (KP301), which can really take a pounding. We are using QSC USA series amps currently as they’re cheap, robust and clean. Tube amps are amazing but, well, you don’t have the budget. Hope that helps!
  4. Here's the crossover network for anyone struggling to find this.
  5. Thanks to this awesome thread from @colterphoto1, I've figured out that these are KP362's. Not a lot of info about them on the web, but I also found the attached datasheet (for anyone else who finds themselves in this position). Am wondering if it's possible to transplant the drivers from the KI215 into 2 of the KP362 boxes, and put the KP362 drivers in the KI215 boxes, so we have 2 matching stacks of each without dangerous overhang! I think this is a @Chief bonehead question seeing as he designed them... I think. Any ideas and concepts hugely appreciated. KP-362.pdf
  6. Also, it's all subjective here... I've spent about 10 years in pro audio so that's my only qualifier. Have owned and run Turbo, d&b and now settled on Klipsch.
  7. https://www.crownaudio.com/en/product_families/drivecore-install-analog-series Not sure how wrong I am here! LOL. If you're referring to the prosumer XLS: https://www.crownaudio.com/en/product_families/xls-drivecore-2-series Again, these ain't pro amps really. A look at the photos in the first post clearly show that they are exactly the same size in width and depth as the LS on top. So can't be KHorn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Yeah, when we say side and rear fills, I'm referring to speaker placement. Not butchering an already perfect design! :)
  9. hi k-fam. we just found a room full of 12 KI/P396 boxes, and bought 4 of them immediately. funny thing is, they're absolutely massive and in the right size box to be a 396, but they're a 3-way box like the Ki362. I gotta crack them open and suss it out. Anyone know what's going on? They've got the 1994-2004ish vintage Klipsch Professional badge on the lower right of the grill. They are all Klipsch drivers inside! All hardware is correct (handles etc). Update: I am an idiot sometimes, it's the KP362. We'll be refinishing them soon - idea is to have them as side and rear fills for our La Scalas (sooooon)
  10. If you're on a mad budget, the NX1000 Berry is, um, ok! Again, 10 year warranty... at $25 a year that ain't bad. You'll probably replace a few, lol That SKHorn rig sounds amazing. Nice! Also, the bass cabinets are probably copies of the bass section of the LSI split, yeah?
  11. The DCi? Yyyyeaaaahhh... I've listened to them! I wouldn't touch XLS for "audiophile" applications, but that is a personal thing. Lab.Gruppen PLM 5k44 is the direct comparison, about $2k USD if you have a friendly dealer. 10 year warranty, Lake Processing inbuilt, solid as a rock. Will last a lifetime if not taken on tour. Pristine sound. (Bias warning - Lake is Australian lol)
  12. Lotta first world problems happening right here, lol.
  13. A lot of QSC speakers have a rain cover which is a rip stop nylon with foam padding with impervious poly on the outside. Pretty sure any speaker cover maker can do it for ya!
  14. Yanks and their tanks! If you’re spending drivecore cash, Lab PLM or Camco offers much better tech and sound quality I reckon 😂
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