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  1. Email your local Klipsch agent, or Klipsch USA. Provided you have your receipt you should be fine. I've never opened one of our Three's to see how hard the replacement is, but that sounds like it should be a swap under warranty...
  2. Hey fam, I was wondering how hard it would be to get a Heresy II fabric grill to put onto my KP-201-IIs so they don't look quite so ugly at home. We use them at shows, but nothing doing at the moment (most of Australia is in lockdown), so we might as well enjoy them where we can! The KP grill is a bit too butch and VERY LOW waf. Would a standard H2 grill fit? Or would I need to get someone to fabricate one? Thanks!
  3. Holla at ya boi, Roger. I can help you out on the deejay front, that's pretty much me every weekend for the past 16 years...
  4. Hey m8. Feel free to add to it, anyone who can write a paragraph about stuff missing can write a paragraph of stuff to add.
  5. Datasheets - KP320 & KP301. KP-320.pdf KP301 spec.pdf
  6. There are a lot of different model numbers, variants, etc etc - and tonnes of threads on here with duplicate info. So I figured it could be good to combine all of the information we have into one post/thread for people! Feel free to post links and info, and I'll edit it into the post. The aim is to include all the variants, driver details, links to brochures/datasheets. This is a work in progress! Klipsch Industrial Klipsch Heresy Slant Klipsch Heresy Industrial Klipsch Cornwall Industrial Klipsch La Scala Industrial Klipsch La Scala Industrial Split Klipsch MCM Klipsch TSCM (Pro Klipschorns) Klipsch Professional (Spun off in the late 1980's to WWR Technologies) Klipsch KP115 - 15" Subwoofer Klipsch KP201 - Pro Heresy Klipsch KP250 - Pro Heresy with Ports Klipsch KP260 - 2 Way 12" with Chorus II Horn Klipsch KP262 - 2 Way 12" with Chorus II Horn Klipsch KP301 - 3 Way 15" K-79-K K-57-K w/K-601 horn K-48-E Response 36 Hz 20kHz. Crossover type KP3.0A 101 dB SPL with 2.83 v input measured in a 100 cubic meter room at 1 meter. Max SPL 124 dB at max continuous power rating of 200 watts 82 lbs Klipsch KP320 - 2 Way 15" with 12" Drone Ported Forward Klipsch KP360 - 3 Way 15" with Chorus II Horn Klipsch KP362 - 3 Way 15" with Chorus II Horn Klipsch KP480 - 18" Sub with 12" Drone Klipsch KP684 - Double 18" Subwoofer Klipsch KP6000 - Early quasi-Line Array Concert System, built off technology from Guido Noselli, the founder of Outline (the Italian Klipsch distributors) Klipsch Professional Carpeted Boxes aka KPro aka KP-C (WWR Technologies) Infosheet Attached. Enclosures built by Bullfrog in South Bend, Indiana. Final Assembly: Hope. Made of OSB with Rat Fur. Built to compete with Yamaha and Peavey. KP1000 Rat Fur version of the 115 aka "The Stubby Sub" KP2000 KP2002 Upgraded 2000. KP2500 KP2502 Updated 2500 with dual Tractrix Horns. KP3000 KP3002 The KP3002 had a K-48-KP woofer and a KP-65-E squawker on a KP-604 horn. This was a product in the K-Pro C Series carpeted range and was a trapezoidal enclosure. KP4000 Rat Fur version of the KP480 Klipsch Professional (Klipsch Group LLC - 1997 onwards) KP201-II KP301-II FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45Hz - 20kHz±4dB (-10dB @ 39Hz) @ 3 meters, 1/2 space anechoic SENSITIVITY: 102dB @ 2.83V, 1 meter, 1/2 space anechoic POWER HANDLING: 400 watts (41.5V) CALC MAX CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: 125dB COVERAGE ANGLE: 60° Horizontal x 40° Vertical DIRECTIVITY INDEX (DI): 9dB ±2dB NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms, 4.3 ohms minimum @ 1401Hz TRANSDUCERS: One K-792-KP compression driver, one KP-66-E titanium compression driver and one 15" K-48-KP woofer CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 650Hz and 7kHz INPUT CONNECTIONS: Dual red/black five-way binding posts and dual locking Neutrik® Connectors (see pictures) DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 32.625" (82.9cm) x 20.825" (53cm) x 16.825" (42.9cm) WEIGHT: 82 lbs. (37.2kg) Current Klipsch Professional Range KI115 KI118 (Special Order, not listed in Catalogue - but available!) KI215 KI362 KI396 KPT250 KP-C Infosheet.pdf
  7. G'day. Can anyone point me in the direction of recones for these guys? I have 6 KP362s and 3 KP260s in need of recones. Simply Speakers only seems to have the standard ones. Will they work at a stretch?
  8. Here's the patent for the rigging system: https://patents.google.com/patent/US5000286A/en
  9. it's somewhere in @thackmate's post history... if you google his name and noselli it'll show up
  10. Again, hugely fascinating read. I thought the KP600 series was reminding me of something... and it makes sense. Our old rig was the Outline Doppia and Tripla system, which are both fully horn loaded, and look like the logical direct descendents of the KP600 - even sharing a designer (from what @thackmate said) - Guido Noselli. Guess I'll have to use them when we run out of headroom on our rig for 1500+ events!
  11. Bump on this, what a bloody awesome read. And to think, an Aussie had a hand in the KP362/682 rig we've hauled all over Sydney.
  12. Vivi


    Pm-ed! Have a USA side compadre in need.
  13. oh my god, these look amazing... I have see if they import them to oz. also, hi roy! I believe you have been chatting about some of our system stuff with the klipsch oz team.
  14. I recently read about this on the KLIPSCH OWNERS facey group, and this will definitely do the job. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=14566
  15. Hey Toby, there definitely is. You can run cables from a headphone splitter (minijack in/out) which Edifier makes (for retail environments mostly) or you can use multiple Audio Pro Link 1s using the Audio Pro ecosystem, which is essentially like a wi-fi hub. Alternatively, use the Sonos equivalent. They both tie you into the ecosystem. If you need more info, just ask.
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