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  1. To answer RandyHooo and others on kit vs. install. Yes there is a charge to install the kit. Base charge is $20.00 for a pair and increases depending on the network and what is involved. For instance, can the original wiring be used or is it in bad shape and in need of replacement? Is the network mounted on a board or is a circuit board involved? Why do I recommend do-it-yourself vs. sending in the networks? It's just this; I don't want to see a customer upset over a lost or damaged pair of networks. Right know COVID has caused the shipping industry to be less than efficient in many parts of the country. I know, that's why you insure your shipment. But did you ever try and collect for a lost or damaged item? It's not a fun process and it isn't fast. I don't know how you guys feel, but personally I like to keep the network my speaker was born with. Case in point, I mailed a AA kit to Annapolis, Maryland on December 30 USPS Priority Mail that had an expected deliver date of January 5. It is now the 11th and no delivery. Tracking says it will arrive late but is still in transit. I am sending a replacement kit to the customer via FedEx today. Will we ever see the kit mailed on Dec. 30? I doubt it. The cap kit can be replaced but your speaker is only original once.
  2. There was a post on January 4 from jvs1670 in this thread that I feel requires a reply. This forum member contacted me regarding upgrades to the AL network. It appears that there are questions about the service I offer in comments that appeared in this thread. I hope this post clarifies the service being offered. Keep in mind my service only repairs Klipsch networks to factory specifications. The only parts for the VINTAGE networks that are available and approved by Klipsch at present are the capacitors I provide. Should a network require parts no longer available from Klipsch, the only way to maintain factory originality and have a genuine Klipsch product is to find and purchase a used, working ALL ORIGINAL network. I do not provide this service. It is up to the owner of the speaker to find a suitable replacement. I know there are parts available that can be used to repair a network, but then the repair is not factory approved because of the use of unauthorized parts. I don't get involved with those repairs. My company only repairs networks that can be brought back to factory specifications using Klipsch approved parts. That's it. We don't experiment with off the shelf parts or perform unauthorized "up-grades". We do install the new capacitor kit for a customer if they prefer, but recommend they do the installation themselves if at all possible. The crossover network is the "brain" of the speaker and is very valuable. With shipping costs what they are and with the possibility of loss or damage in transit, we suggest avoiding the risk. The decision is up to the customer. We provide detailed instructions and will answer questions if you have difficulty. If one cannot solder, then the choices are send in the networks to us or find someone local to help with the installation. I had no idea when I responded to the email from jvs1670 that it would show up on this forum and would prompt responses that are totally out of context. I was simply offering information gained through the years while working with Klipsch products. jvs1670 asked me what could be done to improve the AL network. I did not say the AL network is no good or "sucks", my words were "isn't really the best". If you are asking for a better network than the AL, you have the pre-owned market AL-3 or a brand new LaScala II complete upgrade. These options, as well as back-dating to AA and the K55V, will maintain an authentic Klipsch product which is what this service is all about. As far as the K55V and K55M drivers are concerned, I follow factory recommendation as to what network is suitable for each driver. Some may like the sound of the K55M with the AA network. That's fine, but it's not what Klipsch recommends and your speaker is not performing to factory specifications. By the way, I do offer replacement caps for the AL network. I am not the enemy. If you are interested in maintaining your Klipsch speaker as an authentic Klipsch product, contact us. If you like to tinker, modify, whatever, have fun. It's your speaker. My company is simply offering a Klipsch approved service to those who wish to keep their vintage Klipsch speaker operating as PWK intended.
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