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  1. I used Noico sound deadening mat on cast aluminum altec 511b horns. It works very well and the price is about 1/3 or 1/4 of Dynamat per area. Altec 511b doesn't have very flat surface so wrapping can be a little tricky but definitely doable. I didn't make side-by-side comparison between Noico mat and Dynamat so I cannot say which one is better. All my friends are impressed by the effect of wrapping. Before wrapping the horns sound like metal (of course since they really are) by knocking them, and after they sound like wooden pieces. Haven't tried my k401 horns yet - the surface is pretty rough. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KZ5X7KO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Certainly I remember Tarheel's modding! In the beginning I tried to place the horn alone on the top because I think it's more presentable. But the pieces my friend Mike gave to me already have cabinets. Finally I decide to keep the cabinets because I wrap the horns with sound dampening mat (I highly recommend it! Before the mat, the horn sounded like a metal piece when I knocked it; it sounds like a wooden piece after applying the mat) and the cabinets can help to hide the part. I disassembled everything, used rubber buffer between the horn and the cabinet, screwed the horn back on the cabinets with screw glue. I changed the gaskets of the drivers. I do not have the skills to change the veneer of the cabinet so I used wall paper. It's quite an accomplishment for me and it feels great. Now one of the crossover has some problems that I cannot identify. Sometimes I can hear the noise and it is not a perfect match to the other which I am going to address later on.
  3. Hi everyone, I am a newbee here but not quite so. For years since I became a klipsch fan, I've read this forum for solving problems and for fun almost everyday, without registration. I gave myself excuses such as I am a foreigner with language barrier. Today I finally registered because I really want to come here and say: thank you! I purchased my pair of la scala about two years ago. In the beginning I was so satisfied with everything but I always tried to make it better. Someone here suggested serious mods like turning it to a two-way system but I thought it maybe too much and impossible for me to do. So I started from easy tricks that I learned from here, including placing them with a small angle at room corners (both speakers facing me at 0 degree) and attenuating the tweeter and squawker by cloth ... They all worked. Still, I constantly find people comparing k400 with other midrange horns (altec, EV, etc) but never thought to try it by myself until I heard altec two-way speakers in the house of a friend of mine, Mike who probably doesn't come here. The sound is so sweet that I decided to give it a try (and Mike gave me a pair of altec 511b with altec 808-8a and altec N501 at a ridiculously low price - he just wants me to have an easy start - such a nice friend). Anyway in short, I recently modified my two la scala to be a two-way system with those pieces after reading so many posts here. I also ordered some isolation feet to install under the altec 511b cabinet. At the back of the speakers, I use banana plugs and sockets to make the system fully switchable that I can listen to either the original three-way or the new two-way speakers. I have some basic soldering skills so now I even start imagining building my own crossovers in the future. Many of you have been there and done that. This cannot be done without your knowledge and experience. I think that it would be improper if I keep lurking here and don't show my appreciation. You guys are just amazing! Thank you!
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