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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a used Promedia 2.1 system. My wife picked it up for me and I didn't have her bother to verify that everything worked prior to purchasing. Shame on me. The box indicates that the system was purchased new in 2015. The auxiliary speakers are wired rather than Bluetooth. There is no power switch or fuse on the subwoofer and it does have the newer version 90 degree angle DIN connector. When I connected the system, just like many others that I've seen, the volume knob functioned backwards, the subwoofer has no sound and the right channel out of the amplifier has very faint sound. The LED light on the controller also did not illuminate. I decided to do some disassembly and see if I could find anything simple. I removed the DIN cable from the controller and verified low resistance and good conductivity between the terminals and pins at each end.Everything was fine there and no pins were bent in the connector. I removed the amplifier from the subwoofer and visually inspected the boards and components which revealed a damaged resistor (R51) on the HF amplifier board. A schematic that I found identified this as a 22 ohm, 1/4 watt resistor. I de soldered the bad resistor from the board and soldered in a new one. I reassembled the system to test. Now the LED light came on when I plugged it all in but when I tried to play sound the light went back out. I'm assuming that there is something else bad on the board that is causing the resistor to fail. I'll spend some time looking into it when I get some time but I thought that I might have luck finding someone here that has encountered this as well. Any help or advice is appreciated.
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