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  1. Thanks for the advice, @wuzzer and @randyh. I'm located in Boston, @dian83 lets talk Nick
  2. Hey @all thanks for the feedback. The labels are faded so I couldn't read and I was also confused on the KLF-20 vs 30. The woofers are 10 inches so according to the brochure, its the KLF-20. I have these paired with a KSW 200 subwoofer and unfortunately need to sell the set. Anyone have a clue on what these are worth? Not looking for absolute top dollar, just fair price in todays vintage market. Much appreciated
  3. Hello, I have a great set of Klipsch floor speakers that I am having trouble identifying the model of. These were purchased approximately 1998 and at 41" x 12" and 18" deep thank you
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