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  1. Thanks for the pics...helpful! I live in Dubai and the KEF dealer thinks that the RC64-III would be overkill considering my room is relatively small... What size tv have you got placed on the RC? I have a 65" Sony and wondering if the speaker will take the weight.
  2. Am actually considering replacing the front LR with the RP6000 or 8000 series to match the 504 center and move the KEFs to surround LR...
  3. Thanks for the response. My center channel is just deep enough to have the front align or slightly stick out of the cubby. Power is not an issue and the KEF really shines at higher volumes ..it’s just the sensitivity (87db) which is lower than the Klipsch. I’m running a Yamaha A3050 to drive the system and would like more of an open sound from the center at lower volumes. Visited the local Klipsch dealer and he recommend the RP504C as a noticeable upgrade...unfortunately did not have a demo piece in store...told me that the 4 drivers on the 504 would give better clarity as well as the higher sensitivity.
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my KEF Q600C and have shortlisted the Klipsch RC 64 III My bookshelf speakers are the KEF Q300s ….does anyone know whether I will get a good match with the Klipsch center? My main aim is to get a clearer dialogue and center presence. Or is the RC 64 III overkill and should I go for a R 34C or RP600 or RP 504? Don't want to overkill but just want a noticeable increase in clarity. Anyone here had both the KEFs and Klipsch? Would be great to get your views on how they compare. Thanks MNK
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