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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for feedback I'd rather stay in the bass horn, I know the onken. I have large mid bass compression drivers Renkus Heinz SSD 5600 that could go somewhere in the 250/300 Hz with a large K402 similar horn adapted with a proper size throat or the renkus CD CBH250-6. For the TS parameters, I can measure the Altec with Arta. Jean-Louis
  2. Hi Claude First post here as I am fascinated by your build that I find particularly interesting for its limited height, thus medium driver can be at ears’ level contrarily to the Altec VOT A7 I am currently using with ALTEC 416 8C Do you think the 416 can be used ? Also, I am not familiar with hornresp. Would you mind publishing the screen with input parameters so that I could safely make some sims without mistakes ? Thank you so much Jean-Louis, Luxembourg
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