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  1. Vader540is

    Heresy I

    " will double box and ship" Scam lol
  2. Yup! I see one for $60 (paper cone) and one for $120 ( aluminum cone) the aluminum comes with adjustable weights which is nice. Wouldn't the paper one have more of the traditional sound compared to the aluminum one?
  3. I already checked and they said they have a superceded part # K-13-K which is now discontinued.
  4. Bump. Any ideas on a aftermarket replacement?
  5. I'm looking for two in good working condition. My dog managed to destroy both of my passive radiators.
  6. Or equivalent. One or a pair will work. My kid managed to destroy the two active drivers on my KG 3.2 I see Midwest speaker repair makes a replacement. Should I buy these ? https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/home-audio/woofers/klipsch-1/mw-audio-mw-5082-8-woofer/
  7. A pair would be awesome. Need them for my Forte Gen1
  8. Must be a super duper rare edition ;-)
  9. Wow awesome sub. I have the baby brother ( TV1812) I can't imagine what a TV3612 let alone two can do lol Good price! GLWS
  10. Right on. Unfortunately I'll have to pass. I just found some local to me. GLWS
  11. You know what the problem was? One tweeter was blown. The mid-range horns sounded fine to me, I couldn't tell the difference. The one that was blown had already sold on eBay, I had it listed for $40 I thought that was a fair price. If anyone is interested in buying some of the components please feel free to PM and I'll end the sale on EBay. I have no idea if the prices I listed for the individual components are fair or not, I just did a quick eBay history on sold items. I still have the cabinets.( The are for sale locally, )if no one buys them, I'll just keep them for a future project and buy all matching components.
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