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  1. I appreciate all the advice. I have decided to purchase the MKiii's I heard my speakers on to begin wiht. They are in great condition and come woith a PAS 2 preamp. They should make for a nice vintage sound. I have used the speakers for a while now on the yamaha amp and they sound reall nice. This should be a cool upgrade.
  2. Looking at a ST70 right now. Gary had dual MKiii's which sounded fantastic. It seems like a VTA Latino 120 is overkill
  3. I'm currently running a Yamaha AX700U amp. It is a SS integrated amp. It sounds real nice to my ears but I really want a tube amp. I bought the speakers from Gary. He had them running off of Dynaco MKIII's. They seemed a little overkill. I was thinking maybe a Dynaco st70. I can use the Yamaha to power my four ADS on my television. The horns are amazing and are currently being fed by my computer into the yamaha. I mostly listen to Pandora and or youtube
  4. Yes Pretty much N=Nina G=Genovese Mom's maiden name 8264723=my phone number growing up...……...
  5. I actually had them in a ford E-250 van. They were mounted in carpeted boxes.
  6. Thanks guys! I think my Yamaha 700 amp (eary 90's) is not the best for these. They sounds great at a higher volume but a bit flat a low volume. Would a tube amp help this?
  7. So i first listened to a set in 1987. It was at the now defunct Tweeter etc in Ma. I loved the way they sounded but I could only afford Heresy's at the time. I did love the Heresy's! Unfortunately, they were stolen. I have looked over the years at K-horns on line but finally bit the bullet and bought a set from 1968. Although, they are as old as I am they look and sound better lol
  8. I am very interested but I live in Ma. Has anyone ever shipped a pair of these?
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