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  1. Hey guys thanks, I have 2 cabs serial 11R637 so I was curious as I’m new to Klipsh is what do I need to know. they seem respectable but not the super valuable ones. i have a guy who owns a cabinet shop helping with the idea of fixing the outer shell( water damage and laminate damage mainly on one vs both. He thinks he can redo without a ton of work?? Any reason to keep factory finish for value? go crazy and enjoy? what kind of crossover/ upgrades are recommended? any guidance would be highly appreciated!! thanks all!! I’m currently the proud new owner of these 2nd Rhythms - TBI Magellan Subs
  2. Thank you, I’m wondering how I could’ve missed this. They are at a cabinet shop for outer cab repair, I’ll go double check for a SN.
  3. Hey all, I’d love to find out about these speakers, what the models are, dos don’t etc... thanks in advance, new to hifi!! Sam
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