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  1. Thanks for the thoughts very helpful
  2. Can someone help me understand or point me in the right direction. what is the differences between the different the heresy models. I'm looking at purchasing a used heresy 2 . What am I giving up not going up to the three or four. Are there upgrades available that will take the heresy 2 and make it comprable to current level iv and at what cost? A used pair is heresy 2 @ 450 is tempting. Thank you
  3. Help... I have an itch to try "horns" . Happy planner guy for years. I can find used g Hersey 1 and 2, original Forte for about same $ amount.. original Cornwall double the cost. All things being the same condition ECT. Would you recommend one over the other, I realize that environment plays a huge part but putting that aside which way should I look. I do not have a grasp is significant difference between models 1,2,3 Thanks for your help
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