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  1. Looking for a Sony PS-X70 Turntable for sale. Hoping for excellent shape and all accessories included. Want to pair the Sony with my KHorns Thanks in advance
  2. As near mint as you can get with being removed and used. I have about 40-50 hours on these speakers after I purchased them. I am located in Grosse Pointe Woods MI asking price is 1,600 Thanks
  3. Sold Thanks to everyone who replied.
  4. Sorry everyone. My location is Grosse Pointe Woods MI price is 1,300
  5. Pair of very nice Klipsch La Scala speakers. Great condition and sound even better. I had glass tops made for them. Can Demo. Local pick up only.
  6. Thank you for all the help made my decision easy to buy. One happy listener. check the garage sale putting my La Scala up.
  7. Thanks so much. I thought the S was a 5. great chart for the future.
  8. Could someone please help me with what year these speakers are from??? I realize with the AA set up they are from 71-82 but would like to know exact year if I could.
  9. Could you please clarify??? i am some what ignorant to this situation.
  10. Group: I have a question? I want to stream music through my La Scalas. I am using a Pioneer A 91d receiver (early 90’s) and want to steam Spotify through them. Will I need a DAC? if so what is a good one? I live in Michigan and I will be inside at least till June lol Thank you in advance for your expertise.
  11. Thank you so far for the options. my room is big enough to carry the La Scalas (19x25). A friend just picked up the Forte iii and I really liked the sound but his listening area is much smaller. I do not currently have a sub connected to my system. Any suggestions in the area? i have a pair of Hersey iii in my bedroom and love that sound.
  12. I have been on this site for awhile but would not let me use my yahoo account for some reason ???? question for the group. I have a chance to pick up some Forte iii they would replace my La Scala in my main listening room. Is this a good idea ?
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