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  1. My friend said the same thing haha. If I were to keep them any longer thats what I woud end up doing.
  2. Yes, just the diaphram not the whole driver. The caps weren't ordered from crites because I wanted more bass output from the chorus with the audiodyne capacitor. These are not my crossovers but this is how they ended up looking after a local shop did them for me. sorry for the lack of clarity on that recap.jfif
  3. Thank you! All the work put into them was worth it. They not only look but sound great!
  4. For the tweeter it is the crites titanium tweeter that he made to match the chorus. For the crossover the its audiodyne 68uF 400V for the large driver and sonocaps for the other drivers as jjptk said.
  5. A lot of work has gone into these speakers to get them into great condition. First, the Veneer has been redone with a real hickory pecan veneer that looks magnificent. The tweeters have been replaces with crites tweeters as well as the crossover recapped. Additionally acoustic foam has been added to lessen cabinet resonance as well as tube ports(around 7 inch) for added bass extension. Functionally they are perfect and sound magnificent. Cometically there are only two minor issues of one cover have a small puncture that was fixed as well as on top of one of the speakers a small chipp occured in the veneer. This was filled in and stained to match the veneer and is hard to notice even up close. Selling because I need extra cash for medical school application and would love for these to go to a good home. Price I was thinking around 1200 OBO I am located in Tampa Florida and can make a resonable trip to meet If you have any further questions dont hestitate to ask!
  6. I'm not quite sure what I should ask but a lot of work has gone into them to get them in the shape they are in and they are upgraded pretty much as far as they can be besides th crites midrange which hasn't been in stock for a while. I was thinking around 1100 obo
  7. So it has been a while since I have posted but wanted to update the thread with what I decided to do. Long story short is one is reveneered and the other one is on its way right now. Will most likely be selling them after they are finished. Crites tweeter and recapped crossover along with added tube ports and some acoustic foam
  8. Of course on my first post I spell it wrong. I shouldn't post past 12am haha. iaRVR you have a good point as well, I like the analogy and that's probably what I will do or at least epoxy the corner and paint it black as the veneer has no wood grain.
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