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  1. Hi, Could someone please tell what the Fc is of the Klipsch K-402 horn? Thanks a lot! Best regards Peter
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks a lot for a detailed reply, I really appreciate it! Best regards Peter
  3. Hi, I have read through this thread with great interest! I already have a pair of driver using the AMT concept (Beyma TPL150H) and I like them a lot, but unfortunately the Beymas cannot be used below app. 1,500 Hz, and stacked, original AMTs may be the way to go! BUT I cannot help asking: If two stacked (and horn loaded) AMTs are excellent, then what about 4 stacked AMTs per side? Obviously, power handling/sensitivity and max SPL would be improved, but maybe more importantly: Would 4 stacked AMTs lower the crossover point - and if yes, then how far down? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this (pros/cons? - besides being more expensive for sure!), and in case anyone buying 4 AMTs tried this, I would very much like to hear your experiences! PS: I think Pete H already stated the question, but I do not think it received any answer (or I may have overlooked it)! Thanks! Best regards Peter
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