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  1. Currently 84 degrees and cloudy. Yesterday was 93 and a wonderful day to relax in the pool which was 85 degrees. The pool will get warmer as we head into summer but, if the pool temperature gets much higher, then it becomes less than ideal. On the other hand, my wife thinks the water should be around 104 all the time.
  2. I did not but, my brothers did. I remember them with their Bat Man Radios and some type of Bat Man utility belt. At that time, my father always gave me rifles and shotguns. He always said to me "Boy, don't shoot my trees". We had 40 acres of woods and I probably shot every tree out there. What else was I to shoot at out in the woods? I still have almost all those guns, which are at my other home in PA. Since moving to FL, all I have here are my two favorites: Ruger Red Hawk in .44 mag and my Ruger Mini-14.
  3. I never took that series of shots. I have two EpiPens, one for the truck and one for home. Last time I was stung was by a Black Wasp right in the center of my back. It was so painful at first and I thought I had been shot. Was at a camp ground about 30 miles from the hospital. The Epi shot helped some, but my wife insisted we go to the ER. When we got there, I received a second Epinephrine shot. It only took seconds until my heart was racing so fast, it felt like it was coming out of my chest. The ER Doctor then gave me a shot of something to slow my heart down. I survived, just like I have always done when it came to bee's.
  4. I agree with you. I carry an EpiPen with me at all times because I have severe reactions if I get stung. This video made my skin crawl. I don't think that I would make a very good bee keeper.
  5. 82 degrees outside right now(9:48am). Highs expected to be in the low 90's by this afternoon. Pool temp is currently 80 and will be feeling quite nice later on while having my afternoon martini. Actually it's a Quarantini. It's a regular Martini but, you drink it all alone in your house.
  6. I always gave my cassette decks and reel to reels a thorough cleaning prior to recording, plus I also used a demagnetizer. You have to be careful with the alcohol and store bought head cleaners because they tend to dissolve pinch rollers, belts etc., over time. Use it very sparingly but use enough to clean the heads and capstans thoroughly. Pull the input knob off and make sure the shaft and knob are set correctly. Some knobs are held in place by a set screw and could have been changed when those techs had it. Never know Just sayin'.
  7. In the latest issue of Sound & Vision, there is an article on new retro looking stereo receivers. A good article but, they failed to mention the newest Outlaw Audio RR-2160. They did a review of the first model some time back and gave it rave reviews. Besides, it even looks "retro". I've never owned anything made by Outlaw but, I would consider their receiver for what it offers and for that 'polished retro look' from the 60's and 70's. It would be something to have for in the garage, office or bedroom.
  8. So what do you think is the reason for the separates type to bash receivers? I will be the first to say that several of the receivers which I've owned over the years were more than a match for a lot of separates out there. The specs proved that and so did listening side by side. I was a huge fan of Julian Hirsch and he drove those bad boys during testing.
  9. During my first eight years serving in the far east('70-'78), and later on cruises from CA, I was able to acquire all those so called Monster Receivers. The Pioneer SX-1250, SX-1980 the Kenwood's, the Sansui's and Marantz. I was one of those guys who always thought that I had to keep buying all those pieces for reasons which I'll never be able to understand. I had so much stuff in the various homes I lived in, that made it impossible to use like I wanted to. So, I discovered separates and they have been my passion ever since. I sold everything to an audio store, turned around and purchased a whole house system which included stereo in every room and a home theater system. I loved stereo. Surround sound is great, but two channel is my passion. If only I had my mint Akai GX-747 back. I'm going to track that down and I better hurry because I'm not getting any younger. Just two weeks ago I prepaid for my wife and I to be cremated, the service etc. I did not want to be a burden to my two sons upon my death. So, I now have two urns in a closet where I keep the six hundred cables, fm antenna's and huge collection of power cords which I have never used. Enough.
  10. I am very happy to know you are home and on the mend. I'm betting that your family is thrilled. John
  11. Maybe next year, after he travels south again, drop all his trees. Then cut the wood up and stack it neatly next to his house. Then proceed to tell him about the terrible storm which you had there and it blew all his trees down, which you cleaned up. Oh yeah, you might want to use a stump grinder to hide the evidence.
  12. I am somewhat old school when it comes to audio. I recently made an online purchase from Emotiva because my garage was in need of a sound system. So I bought what I would call a "stereo receiver' and cd player. Only thing is, they do not call it a receiver, it's called a stereo preamp/dac/tuner/with an integrated amplifier. Sounds like it's a stereo receiver to me. Does anybody have an opinion why Emotiva would offer this product up the way they do? Embarrassed to call it what it really is? By the way, I purchased the CD-100 and the TA-100. Not sure of what to call it, but in the garage, those two pieces sound really good with a pair of Klipsch RP-160M's. Neighbors might not think so.
  13. I joined the Navy at age 18. My first eight years were very wild. I served aboard a ship in Yokosuka, Japan for almost six years and then was stationed in Subic Bay, Philippines for two years. It was a great time, with great friends and lots of heavy duty partying. I miss some of those days, just not the drugs and drinking till 4:00am every day. Must be why I have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is anymore. I'll just stick with my daily favorite: Blue Saphire Gin Martini, very dry and three olives up.🙂🙂
  14. I have been wanting to tell you this. I just love that saying at the bottom of your posts. That will be me, when I go. Thanks!!
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