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  1. Thank you to all who helped me with figuring this out. Much obliged 🙏
  2. Apologies, I mistyped. The advertised spec is 8.8inches. I realize now that the advertised spec is not measuring the speaker cabinet itself, which is 8inches. It is measuring the base width. Personally, I think that is truly misleading on Klipsch's part. That's not the box. They should have clarified what the box (speaker cabinet) measures and then specify that the base add on (and it is an add on) measures at whatever it measures at, rather than lead you to believe you have a larger box.
  3. Hello all, newbie here. I purchased a pair of RP-160M. I thought they look a bit "small" so I physically measured the cabinets. They measure smaller than what the manual specifies. I measure width at 8inches and the spec is 8inches. That's almost an inch smaller than the advertised size. So, what's going on here??? Can anyone take a MI ute to measure their own?
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