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  1. I'm using this for lightning protection. Absolutely necessary around here. https://www.amazon.com/AC-Power-Filter-Conditioner-Protector/dp/B00XWL2VVK/
  2. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/ele/d/yorktown-klipsch-model-heresy-ii/7480892651.html
  3. Wow... that was pretty fast. The used market prices are getting back down to normal. Crazy inflation tends to do that.
  4. I think he only stopped selling to overseas customers. Send him an email to find out. fastlaneaudio@aol.com
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/747299459761190/
  6. I took a similar approach with my Heresys, but I purchased the ALK Universal crossovers, as I have no crossover design skills. Changing out the wiring to 10AWG and upgrading with new SMAHL tweeters were big improvements with my newly capped stock crossovers. However, upgrading to the ALK crossovers was a substantially larger and very engaging upgrade in sonics.
  7. Only when the EL34s are in a better amp than my MP-301. In the same amp, the KT150 always outshines the EL34 in a big way. I haven't done a live KT150 vs 300b comparison yet. However, I have also listened to a KT120 vs 300b comparison on Youtube. I couldn't tell the difference through my setup. I'm assuming the difference would be more noticeable with KT150s.
  8. If you heard that, then your assessment is 100% correct. My first and current tube amp is the MP-301 Mark III. It had a great sound with 6L6 and EL34 tubes. However, it really came to life with KT150s. Your observations of KT150s are pretty much the same as mine. I'm getting Quicksilver mono blocks to better accommodate that KT150 sound.
  9. The K-55V will definitely work on the Heresy 700 Hz horn. That's what I had in mine. Crites sells them as the Atlas PD-5VH Alnico Midrange driver. $365/pair. I also got a nice boost in presence, detail and volume from my K-55Vs by swapping out the steel crossover to driver wiring with 10AWG pure copper wire. It actually improved every driver in perfect sonic proportion. Give it a try if you'd like, and share the before and after measurements if you can.
  10. Good work. Materials definitely make a sonic difference. I changed the tin terminals on my 'crossover to driver' connectors with copper terminals for my vintage La Scalas. The sonic upgrade was pleasantly surprising. I need to start taking measurements like yours so I can quantify these experiments.
  11. My Chorus II risers were pretty beat. I replaced them with modern Klipsch solid risers. They actually tightened up the bass very nicely.
  12. Maybe not. Try it and see. As far as paying, you and the seller probably both have Zelle in your bank accounts. It's fast and free. I used it to buy my La Scalas at $600, and they are a work in progress.
  13. Ad title says $600, the actual ad says $800. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/ele/d/bethesda-klipsch-forte-ii/7480220695.html
  14. For my Heresy I and Chorus II pairs, damping material on the mid horns made a substantial difference for the better. For my La Scalas, not as much.
  15. Sorry, I don't have any measuring devices, but I'm sure someone else doing the mod has.
  16. Wow! Never thought about two layers of dampening; I've always used one. I think I'll try that on my vintage La Scalas.
  17. Wow! I must be one of his last customers. Mine should be here in two weeks or so.
  18. This is where I got the idea. You need to scroll to the bottom to see the damping material info. http://www.alkeng.com/trachorn.html
  19. Some China amp distributors have inventory in the US. Click around Amazon to see what you can find.
  20. The wait is about six weeks. I definitely prefer the new QuickSilver designs. A DAC with a volume knob would work, but you would probably prefer a preamp if you did an A/B test.
  21. For $1,500, you might consider mono blocks. I have a pair on order myself from QuickSilver Audio. You would need a preamp. Maybe one of your receivers can take care of that. http://quicksilveraudio.com/products/horn-mono-amp/
  22. It's a very old mod that works very well. I did it for my Heresy I, Chorus II and La Scala I speakers. Worked every time. I had done all three by the time I saw the Boston Audiophile's video, but everything he says is spot on.
  23. I really liked your video on the mono blocks. It inspired me to order QuickSilver mono blocks; a better way to get my KT150 fix.
  24. I would prefer a newer design as well. However, it really comes down to preference. I had a nice long conversation with Jim at JEM Performance and contrary to my opinion, he prefers the original La Scalas over the latest. They just sound more natural to him. He has years of recording studio experience, and every new Klipsch model on his showroom floor.... yet he still prefers version I. He knows what he likes, and he knows a lot. Can't argue with that.
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