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  1. Update. It looks like shipping on the East Coast for the tweeters will be around $40, if anyone is interested.
  2. Yeah.... shipping is crazy. I took one horn to my nearby UPS and FedEx stores to get a quote. I couldn't figure it out on their website. Shipping to Texas and California was $170 and $210, which included about $30 for boxing one horn. That just about doubles the cost. At that price you may as well get your own kit and pay a carpenter to build them. I'll hold on for local buyers, or maybe eventually use them for a custom build.
  3. I put these LMAHL V2 tweeters on top of my vintage La Scalas, and they completely outclassed my mid and bass horns. I surrender. I cannot build a better La Scala; I need to just buy the AL5/6. For the Eliptrac 400 horns, I decided not to reconstruct my vintage La Scalas to accomodate them. I also have the plastic 1.5 inch adapters if you'd like them. Again, the only solution is the AL5/6. All four pieces are $500, or you can take one pair for $250, two tweeters or two horns. I really do not feel like boxing these up and shipping them, so I'll try to sell them locally first.
  4. The fluctuating voltage in my apartment was pretty awful, but a voltage regulator really helped. Now it stays between 123 and 124 volts. The audio is much happier now. I'm using this regulator, built with recording studios in mind, but it works just fine in my system. https://www.blacklionaudio.com/store/power-conditioners/pg-2r-power-conditioner/
  5. I'm on track to get streaming up to CD quality. It can be done, but it'll cost a bit more. DSD files are currently the audio boss around here.
  6. Never said they did. At least the Cat8s are doing something right. They just sound better for my router, modem and streamer. Are you using the #14 Romex for your digital setup?
  7. Based on my experience, the cables will definitely make a difference. For the 20amp vs 15amp upgrade, your system definitely wants the 20, so that should be an improvement as well. I'm using the Volti crossovers. They give my vintage La Scalas a more natural, open sound. I also twisted four strands of 14awg solid copper wire, and used them for my crossover to driver connections. Kember Kable has a similar design. That definitely upped the current, giving me more presence, detail and volume, and a much quieter background. Changing out my Cat8 cables for solid core Cat8 cables also yielded a night and day difference. I've seen the audiophile Cat8 cables, but the usual fat yellow cables work fine so far. I may try the audiophile versions later.
  8. Yes, the bottoms were bare wood. It was easier to slide them across the carpet that way.
  9. I had new risers built for my Chorus IIs. Solid pine shaped like the modern floating Forte risers. I screwed them onto the bottoms, and they looked much better. However, the big surprise was the sonic improvement. The pine risers tightened up the bass very nicely, giving the bass more of a sealed woofer sound.
  10. Confirmed. What a difference three years makes.
  11. Nice! I have the same models. They were pretty beat by the previous owner, and I took off the stapled grills. So many experiments, so little time. Here's a link to my journey.
  12. Yes, I do understand. It's quite normal to decry thicker cables giving a little more current and sonic improvement to a speaker. It's also quite normal for the DIY crowd to find out that it's quite true, and definitely worth the time to try it.
  13. I also used 10 awg copper wires for the crossover/driver connections. It's a very nice and balanced sound. It sounds just like turning the gain up three steps or so on an analog mixer.
  14. Your project will definitely be fun. I started with a vintage Heresy pair, then Chorus IIs, and now vintage La Scalas. Learning is fun.
  15. I use the latest Firestick to my Sony TV, then the Sony TV optical output to my DAC. I've tried two popular streamers and bypassed my TV, but the audio from the Sony optical out is still the best. All ethernet connected.
  16. I came to the same conclusion. I updated my Heresy I pair with Dynamat on the mid horn only. It worked just as well with my vintage Chorus and La Scala speakers. I'm also a musician, and changing speaker wires is just second nature to me. Better copper interior wiring definitely made a sonic improvement in my vintage Klipsch speakers. If you can, make a few measurements with upgraded wiring.
  17. I bought a beater pair of La Scalas to experiment on a couple of years ago. I really learned a lot. The forum made it easy to document:
  18. I finally decided on Maze Audio. They build braided cables for about the same cost as my diy experiments. I'm using their Ref4 braided cables. They were definitely an upgrade for my La Scalas and QuickSilver dual mono setup.
  19. That makes sense. I removed the Kilmat from my La Scala horns, and stuck on Dynamat, because it was thicker. The sound definitely improved. Voices, horns and drums became far more distinct and refined.
  20. The Forte I horns may seem harsh to new Klipsch users, but if you've had the Fortes for decades, you tend to like the sound as it is. I only got into vintage Klipsch horn speakers during the covid shutdown, and damping my Heresy and Chorus mid horns was a substantial improvement with my tube amps. The current lineup of Klipsch Heritage speakers have much better horn designs.
  21. Oops.... my Crites replacements were plain ol' boards. Didn't realize the danger to PCBs.
  22. I switched to Crites for my Chorus IIs simply because one of my crossovers stopped working. The sonic difference was not so pronounced, but using 10awg copper wiring gave me a pleasant little boost in presence and gain. Try it on your second speaker.
  23. Nice! These would make great studio monitors. I'm sure someone will get a great deal.
  24. My Chorus IIs were also on carpeting. The risers were beat, so I replaced them with solid pine Forte IV type risers. That little tweak really tightened up the bass, giving them a more sealed subwoofer type of sound.
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