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  1. This was not the plan, but I picked up a La Scala pair before I sold my Chorus IIs. All original La Scalas vs upgraded Chorus IIs; the Chorus II pair definitely have better highs, punchier bass, and more detailed mids. However, I can already imagine the sonic upgrades for the La Scalas. The Chorus IIs are jealous.
  2. Yes, they are still here. Send me a private message with your cell number if you can.
  3. Thanks. Another little audio factoid; the upright bass and electric bass are more defined and less boomy after installing the new styled solid pine risers. This may be a factory secret. Hmmmm....
  4. New Chrites crossovers, New diaphragms, New wiring, New matting for the horns. You can have the old crossovers and diaphragms if you would like them.
  5. I got the titanium diaphragms for my Chorus II speakers, as well as the Crites Chorus II crossovers. The sound is much better. However, it does not approach the upgrade of the ALK crossovers. As it turns out, ALK is not developing crossovers for the Chorus II. Is it possible to get the same ALK quality elsewhere?
  6. These were listed at $200 a few weeks ago. I guess they wised up. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/198646625570559/
  7. I've edited the title and description to better reflect upgrades and updates. I've also applied another round of Old English Wood Conditioner and Cleaner, lemon scented. They look even better today.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3080489415519559/ These speakers are ready to rock. They sound so much better than new. Perfect stage for more mods, or just to love them as they are. I replaced the tweeter and mid diaphragms, replaced the crossovers, and a few more mods. You can have the old parts if you want them. I'm only selling these to make room for La Scalas. Here's the whole list of updates/upgrades: New Titanium tweeter diaphragms New Midrange diaphragms New Crites Chorus II crossovers New 10AWG pure copper audio wiring New 2 inch risers New passive radiators New Kilmat insulation for the mid and tweeter horns
  9. I had to take the risers off my Chorus II pair. They were tattered and splintered by the previous owner. I installed the new 2 inch high style black risers for simplicity. To my surprise, the bass tightened up, and gave me a bit more punch and definition. The technical term for this sonic phenomenon is 'more better'.
  10. These are beautiful. They look like everything the Chorus II ever wanted to be.
  11. Very true. I actually wired the Chorus II pair with half copper/half tin wiring. Definitely better than stock wiring, but not as exciting as anticipated. Then I wired them with pure copper cables, and they came to life, just as expected. I might use an ohm meter the next time I wire speakers, but playing it by ear is working fine for me so far.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/578481823348684/ Perfect starter for Super Heresy projects, or to love them just as they are. ALK Crossovers, 10AWG copper wiring, SMAHL V2 tweeters, and more. The risers in the photo are included.
  13. Heresy I pair, 1980 I think. I bought them in the Spring of this year to experiment with mods. They now sound more like Heresy IVs minus the rear port. Pictures and details here:
  14. Ah... yes... the cache thing. Sorry you missed it.
  15. Listed 2 hours ago. They're still showing up on my fb site.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/816619632363511/
  17. My brief foray into the vintage Klipsch mod world leads me to conclude that the Klipsch factory/lab/studio is the ultimate mod shop. Common sense has a firm grip on me. I can't shake it. So my next acquisition will be brand new La Scala AL5s, or maybe the La Scala 70th Anniversary.
  18. My approach is a bit less scientific. I cut the length of the 10AWG to match the skinny wires that came from the factory. For my Heresy pair, I got it right the first time. All drivers were balanced. For my Chorus II pair, I had to double check and reconnect the wiring until everything balanced out. They sound great now. I'm new to Klipsch. I only have experience rewiring, re tubing and soldering connections in very loud tube guitar amplifiers. When the band says "Turn it down!" I know my sound is right. Besides, I use microphones now, so I can carry a smaller tube amp to rehearsal and gigs. I really like the Klipsch sound, because those horns really put me in a virtual audio/live setting. This is the wiring that I used: Amazon.com: GS Power Flexible 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) 50 Feet Stranded Oxygen Free Copper Red/Black Bonded Zip Cord Cable for Car Audio Stereo Amplifier 12Volt Automotive Harness LED Light Wiring : Electronics
  19. I did try 12 and 16, not 18, unless that's the stock wiring from the factory. 10 AWG was consistently better. Now it's up to you. Prove your theory to yourself. It's just wires.
  20. https://southjersey.craigslist.org/ele/d/swedesboro-klipsch-klipschorn/7374620468.html
  21. Apparently I'm hearing itty bitty resistance differences from 10awg wire. I have experimented in the audio realm, not the paper realm. Don't knock it 'til you try it. If you have already tried a 10 or 8 awg pure copper wire experiment, and discern no difference, I can respect that. If you haven't tried it, how can you actually know the difference?
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