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  1. I think so too. That's where I bought mine. Not sure this is so much a sale as relieving inventory for new models coming out from Black Ice.
  2. I pulled the trigger on the Jolida. Should be shipped by Thursday. Full price including shipping was $1099 for black chassis and upgraded tubes. This should be interesting. Now to find a reasonably priced power conditioner. One thing about Arizona is monsoon storms. The lightning is horrific. I usually unplug all my electronics for POM. These storms are sometimes a daily occurrence and get tedious.
  3. thebes, I have a Technics SL-1200 turntable with a nice Shure type 3 cartridge and about 300 albums. I use the DAC for music I don't have on vinyl (Buckethead) and to process my CD collection. The turntable I picked up from the lady who sold me my Forte ll's which I just replaced the crossover networks with ALK models. Definite improvement. The K-horns already had ALK crossovers from the original owner. I also have the original Klipsch crossovers that came out of the K-horns. The Forte's sound great through the Emotiva. I may just move that amp to the living room and pick up the Jolida for the listening room.
  4. Thanks Randy, That is the price point I was looking at. Hard to beat.
  5. I have a pair of Walnut K-horns (thanks to members here who pointed me to them) They were original owner and extremely well taken care of in their lifetime. I have them placed in a large room in my house, about the size of a double garage with vaulted ceilings. These are currently driven by an Emotiva XPA-2 300 wpc amp running in 2 channel mode with XLR input from a DAC. Sound is nice, clean and reminiscent of electronic amplification. I demo'd these at the owners house running through a Jolida 70wpc tube amp and they sounded "different". I don't know if it's kosher to say that based on all the other differences in room acoustics between the original owners house and my house. The soundstage is right where it should be. I just get the feeling that it could be better by going to a tube amp. I found a new Jolida 3502p with 2550 tubes for a killer price. I was just wondering what everyone would suggest to really wake these babies up from a music reproduction standpoint. Sorry I don't have the time to list all the different room acoustic principles, suffice it to say I put some serious thought into placement, sealing back of cabinets to wall, etc. The original owner also included a really nice set of bi-amp capable cables, which I am using to drive the speakers but not in a bi-amp mode.
  6. They may have been on a diet, I am not sure. They seem to weigh a crap load though. Once disassembled for wrapping and transport at least they were manageable. Many thanks to the owner for keeping these in pristine condition for 42 years. I was duly impressed. I have the original crossover networks, bill of sale, all paperwork and what looks like a polaroid of each when they were first purchased. Tim included the high gauge wiring, the speaker is bi-wired which I believe also means it's bi-amp capable. Something else to explore down the road. These were pushed with a very nice Jolida tube amp. We had a nice discussion on the merits of tubes vs solid state. I am going to drive these with my new to me Emotiva Monster 2 ch. amp. Let the fun begin!
  7. Update...…..I now own the pair Tim had for sale. Picked them up today. Awesome sound, awesome seller. Many thanks
  8. Doesn't look good at this point. Tim sent me an email. He is working with a buyer out of Denver. If that doesn't evolve he said he would let me know.
  9. Thanks guys (and if there are any gals in here too) I sent him a communication with an offer. We shall see what transpires.
  10. based on opinion, are these worth the asking price? Is the year model a desirable pair, or are there better models with updated drivers, etc that would be in the same price range? Thanks, DAC
  11. Yep, that's a good assumption. I actually have three good sized rooms to play with (not bedrooms or basements)
  12. I do love the Forte sound but I will keep them and use in a second room.
  13. I am moving up in the Klipsch universe, hopefully. I have a pair of Forte ll's that I have been experimenting with for a couple years. Just replaced the tweeters with Bob's titanium version and am on a waiting list with Al to snag a pair of crossovers. They sound pretty darn good now so hopefully it will only get better. I had a friend, many moons ago that introduced me to KHorns. He had a pair in his living room and drove them with a Marshall tube amp of about 25-30 watts. They blew me away along with their cat, dog and parakeet. I just recently picked up a gently used Emotiva amp that sounds impressive for the money. I am now on a quest to procure a pair of these Klipsch beauties. From a newbie standpoint (well kinda) what would be considered the best year to look for? I am not really sold on any particular finish, except I prefer wood as opposed to black. I also am not interested in taking out a mortgage to buy them, so no new models are in my foreseeable future. I live in Arizona and would consider driving to several attached states to get them (California-Southern parts, Utah, New Mexico, West Texas) are all within a days drive. Thank you for reading and helping.
  14. These have water stains and the veneer is chipped, considerably along the bottoms. Maybe why there are no good high res pics of the cabinets. I wouldn't post them as excellent. But that's just me. I am a little OCD when I see something that doesn't exactly add up.
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