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  1. Just following up on my system. Bought the Parasound Pre200. Have the bass management dialed in so that I’m not constantly messing with it. Everything sounds great. Music is very detailed. I listen to a lot of 60’s - 70’s music so I need to adjust things every so often. My only complaint (minor) is that some of the female vocals are a little harsh, but I don’t listen to women all that much - as my wife will attest. 😉 It’s almost like I should have different systems/speakers for different music types... well maybe some day. Just got laid off due to the crisis, but glad I got the system to ease the stress 😎
  2. That’s a nice setup. The local shop still has that Emo ... I might need a second system! 🤣 I’m good with the one sub - at least for the moment... 🙄
  3. Yes on the Emo, but the Parasound offered just a little more control via the remote which the Emo didn’t have. My room is far from optimal, so having a subwoofer volume control helps. I can adjust on the fly vs crawling around back of the preamp with a screwdriver. I did like the Emo as well.
  4. Guys, Thanks for responding. I had evaluated the Emo. It sounded nice, but the bass management was imprecise and difficult to dial in with the screws in the back. It upset my OCD half. 🤪 I was going to buy the Sunfire, but there was a very slight hum coming through to the speakers that isn’t present with the Parasound. I discovered that there is an old Sansui integrated amp in the family that was handed down by my late uncle, but my cousin isn’t willing to part ways with it. I have been driving my wife insane with all of my obsession, so I cut to the chase and ordered the Parasound Pre200. It takes enough edge off of the top end and has enough bass management features to allow me to fine tune the system to my living room. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be looking for floor standing speakers later this year 😁
  5. Hi, I recently purchased my first Klipsch speakers, RP-160 M’s. I also added an SVS SB 12” subwoofer. Shortly after, my 40 year old Apt Holman preamplifier croaked. I’ve become addicted to high resolution Tidal and my Bluesound 2 node. I’m in the process of evaluating preamp options and found that the speakers sound better using an 80Hz high pass filter for the main speakers and 80Hz crossover to the sub. Auditioning a preowned Sunfire Symphonic Reference preamp vs a Parasound Pre200. The Sunfire sounds “sweeter” on the high end, while the Parasound has more detail, particularly in the lower midrange and bass. Anyone have any experiences with either? Recommendations for other preamps to try? I’d like to stay under $1k. Sunfire reliability? I’d be replacing a 40 year old preamp with a 15 year old preamp if I go this route. Thanks! Oldie
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