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  1. Hi from the UK, wondered if anyone could help please and share their experience. I don't have a dedicated home cinema room unfortunately, so the below set-up is in my living room. I have a Denon 4500h AVR running 5.2.4 Atmos with in-ceiling speakers. My current surround speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze (front and rear L&R, and C channels) - not sure if these speakers are known in the States? They're a popular choice in the UK. I have dual BK Monolith subs, again probably not known in the States(?), they are a pair of monsters, circa 50kg each, true 300w down to 15Hz in the room each. I also have a recessed projector screen and an Optoma UHD51, really enjoy the whole set up. So in am fine with the bass, and AVR and the 4 ceiling speakers but I feel the MA Bronze speakers are lacking.... I have just ordered the Klipsch RP-504c to replace the Bronze centre which will arrive this week, as a trial really but I am hoping for a significant improvement, it's twice the size. And am now looking at the RP-600M bookshelfs to be my front L & R. My question is, the RP-600M as front L & R, are these well suited to that role in a 5.2.4 set up?? I unfortunately cannot have floor standers due to space within the living room and my two young children. The speakers are on wall mounted stands, approx 15cm from the wall - will that effect the RP-600M performance being that close? All being well I'll also get the RP-402S rears. This is for predominantly movies and TV and xbox, music as well occasionally. Any thoughts on this much appreciated, always see awesome home cinema reviews on YouTube and they always have Klipsch so they must be brilliant speakers. Thanks, Will
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