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  1. Thank you all for fast response. Everyone shared very useful and important information. I finally managed to set up the speakers and they sound great. After experimenting I connected my Yamaha Receiver from Line-In to Behringer Mixer to Tape-Out Line-Out port, now when I use XLR Microphone I can hear and they sound great. However, support finally reached out to me from Klipsch and they said I should not use the speakers for Karaoke.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah they are new bought from BestBuy. I thought speaker wire was the issue, however, I connected M-Audio AV40 with the same wire to the same system and no problems at all, plays loud and clear. You think Yamaha 200W has enough power to run these? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/yamaha-200w-2-ch-stereo-receiver-black/5037100.p?skuId=5037100
  3. Thanks for the reply. Do you think my Yamaha 200W Receiver doesn't provide enough power? The manual states 100 watts per channel.
  4. I have some problems with these speakers which I am trying to connect to Yamaha - 200W 2-Ch. Stereo Receiver. The Setup: 1. XLR Microphone to Behringer Mixer. 2. Yamaha 200W Receiver to Behringer mixer via Tape Out. 3. KHO-7 Speakers connected to Yamaha 200W Receiver. When I connect M-Audio AV40 to the receiver I have no problems and the sound is clear, but when I connect KHO-7 I get little or no sound. I am using 14-Gauge Speaker Wire. Also if I try to use radio only with the receiver and speakers I get little or no sound as well. Yamaha 200W can push 100 watts per speaker so no idea why it is doing this.
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