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  1. First of all Happy New Year to all. I have decided to keep my Eliptrac 400 horns in my La Scalas, and was wondering what a fair price for my K400's that have been completely covered with damping material (cost over $100 for the damping sheets) would be. They are in great shape and the sonic improvement was substantial. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Just started using my Counterpoint recently to hear the difference, but it was in my system for over 10yrs. I had Bill Thalmann, who designed the circuit for the PV5, make several improvements (shorten the signal path, faster diodes, better caps). He even drilled holes in the top cover so I could use pinched waist D getter E180CC's in place of the 5965's! It's in this pic from a few years ago when I was playing around with Altec 604's.
  3. So, are you listening to Return of the Giant Hogweed or The Knife? Genesis w/ Gabriel is a staple in my LP collection.
  4. I noticed you use the HO Zephyr also. I decided to take a chance on it after I found out what it would cost to replace my Dynavector 20x2 HO version. After I tweaked all of the adjustments on the tonearm I was really happy and have no desire to retip the 20x2. Eventually, when I win the lottery, I will explore low output MC cartridges. Not that it costs a lot to get in the game, but the cost of experimenting is one of a wealthy person. The phono sections of my Counterpoint 3.1 and CJ PV-5 preamps are both top notch so I'll wait till I recuperate from college costs.
  5. So the picture looks the same, but I had to swap out the L and R speakers because they sound better with the tweeters on the outside. Well, I finally got to do some serious listening and used my speaker placement litmus test, which is track 2 (You Still Believe In Me) on the DCC gold CD version of Pet Sounds. When the ring of the bicycle bell is dead center in the already camera focused mono image, it's perfect. If you play around you can get a solid center image using monaural recordings, but that damn bell is always the final arbiter in fine tuning. I'll think it's dead center, and then I'll put on track two, and that damn bicycle bell is in left field. Once it's tuned, the stereo image is a thing of beauty. If you have the DCC version you should give it a try. If you don't I can easily dupe a CDR of it and mail it out to anyone who is curious.
  6. Posted Sunday at 10:41 AM I see that Elmer is empty. No surprise there The Elmer is an old bottle. Been empty since people started price gouging. Now, that bottle of Old Fitz smokes the Elmer. Most recent release of 9yr and you NEED to own this bourbon!
  7. Sanding them can get tedious. To get way down in the curved throat I got a piece of foam pipe insulation and wrapped the sandpaper around it and taped the sandpaper to it with duct tape.
  8. Let's not ostracize the Ardbeg Committee Release!
  9. Considering the relatively meager investment, you might consider an ALK "Super AA" crossover. I think it's about $120 for the pair. What they do is take your old crossovers, and send you a pair of modded AA's (still on an original Klipsch crossover board) that have been fully tested, keep the diodes in the loop, and in the unlikely event that your unit does have a faulty autoformer, he will charge you a replacement fee for a new one. Considering the investment, and quick turnover time (assuming there isn't a long waiting list) you will remedy any issues with out of spec or faulty parts. The biggest benefit to me (and I'm just another mere mortal with subjective tastes) was the improvement in sound over the stock units, as well as the Crites xover with the 4500hz cutoff on the squawker. I will say the the Crites CT-120 tweeters are damn good, and since I needed them for higher power handling with the lower crossover point, and work great with the ALK Super AA's if you wanted more power handling. Also, if you were curious to try the Crites xover (which you may prefer to the ALK unit I mentioned), you will have the tweeters recommended for them. So, start small and try the least expensive option with the rebuilds and you can keep your K77's and if you don't yield a significant improvement, you can drop an extra $500 to try the Crites A4500 and CT-120 tweets, or about $350 on Crites' AA units and keep your K77's. Again, I found the ALK to be more musical and balanced throughout the frequency spectrum than the A4500. I would only recommend the ALK to another member because it's the least expensive way to get started. This advice is coming from someone who dropped a whole lot more $$ on the ALK extreme slope xovers than I ever envisioned when I initially bought my La Scala's second hand to fulfill my teenage dream to own a pair. I just finished my final upgrade with the aforementioned xovers and a pair of Elliptrac 400 midrange horns (I swear honey, I won't spend any more money on stereo equipment ). I just posted a picture in the technical modification section if you're curious. I'm a greenhorn on this forum, but I grew up with single Klipschorn in my living room powered by a Mac 30 and a Fisher FM-80 mono tuner. This was over 55 years ago so stereophonic sound was still an option/upgrade for many folks. Audio has been my hobby for almost fifty years, and I have been tinkering with things the entire time. Thanks to the research I did on this forum, I was able to embark on this journey without running into any costly dead ends. Albeit, not inexpensive if you go whole hog, but all money well spent because I was able to resell my crossovers on ebay, and both pairs sold within days (if not hours) after I listed them. Hope I didn't bore or piss off anybody, and may you resolve your problems quickly and painlessly.
  10. The original. Only driver change was the Crites 120 tweeter. Also went for the ALK Extreme $lope xovers. The tweeters image is razor sharp on the vertical axis and works great positioned on the inside. I had never imagined these speakers would sound this good after having lived with Peter Gunned Maggie 1.6's for the last 5 years. I was initially drawn to the dynamic headroom since vinyl is my primary source. With the ES xovers and the Ellliptrac horn the resolution is amazing and it's the first time I was able to listen to them for hours on end without fatigue. Worth the effort and money, and those horns were no picnic to sand and finish!
  11. Well, I finally finished them, and they sound amazing.
  12. After experimenting with several different crossovers for my La Scala's, I'm selling a hardly used (purchased new from Crites 2 weeks ago) pair of A/4500hz 's. They are in perfect shape and the only thing you will need is the 4 little squares of Velcro to affix them to your cabinets. I paid $230 for them and will consider any reasonable offer. If you need any references as a seller (albeit most of my selling history is old and I occasionally sell gear and or vacuum tubes) they are as follows: eBay name: singleendtriode Audiogon name: elviscostello Also, I currently have a pair of Eico HF-22's in great condition on Audio Asylum Trader under the name IMINTHEBASEMENT At any rate my name isn't Mr. Daniel Lumas, who was a character on a Dragnet episode that insisted that everyone addressed him as Mr. Daniel Lumas and even had it tatooed on his arm. It always cracked me up so I figured what the hell! Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! I can post pictures if you'd like, but it looks just like the A/4500 on Bob Crites' website. Bob
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