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  1. “News” was tightly controlled back then. I agree that people were more trusting of their government and talking heads. Seems naive now but unless you could get access to foreign press sources, you didn’t have anything else to go on.
  2. With in ceiling speakers, you are obviously using that joist space as the speaker “box”. You won’t stop sound transmission easily. You can make a smaller, insulated box with the foam idea but results will depend on what you expect. You could think about thicker padding under any carpet on the second floor too. As well as thicker carpet. Never heard of using MLV on the floor but who knows? Might work. Are those speakers just for ambience?
  3. If possible, what I’d do is get the speakers down to ear level. Put them on stands or brackets on either short wall. Right now they are too high and too far apart for proper listening. Let alone any imaging. You are not going to be able to do much in regards to sound management. Keep the door shut, etc. Maybe if you have the speakers placed better, you won’t need the sub so much or have to put the volume up as you’ll get a more direct sound. Realistically, headphones are best for those times when the music might annoy others. They’re something I need to use in my place also. Good luck. Keep listening.
  4. You may get enough relief by soundproofing the bedroom door. Basically, you need to make it solid and have proper gasketing on ALL sides. If the living room and back bedroom share a wall, I’d try adding another layer of drywall and green glue following their recommendations.
  5. Apparently that is just for determining country for drm.
  6. I did my pair of Heresy I . It wasn’t a drastic difference but the midrange and high end did improve. Especially the definition of the midrange. For such a cheap and easy fix, it was worth it to me.
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