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  1. The room is about 3 meters wide, 6 meters deep with 8 foot ceilings. I've been reading a lot about bookshelves vs towers and a lot are saying if you are running subwoofers the towers are wasted as they will play similar above 100hz. Yeah that helps a a lot. So even if the 17's wont be as dynamic the difference still wont be massive?
  2. Hi. I've started to assemble my Palladium home theater set. I started out by purchasing a pair of P-27S and a P-27C in Espresso for 1800$. My next move was to look for the P-37F but another pair of P-27S in Espresso popped up less than an hour away for 900$. Now i'm left with the choice of purchasing the P-37F or purchasing the P-17B and putting the extra money into subwoofers. It will be a while after this purchase before i have enough money for subs if i purchase the P-37F. Prices in Norway is usually 3500$ for the P-37F and 1200$ for the P-17B so the extra 2300$ would go a long way for subwoofers. Any advice in this situation?
  3. Figured i would write in case somebody has the same issue in the future. There is a small amount of "silicone" keeping the horn from coming out so just pull it out, you wont break anything.
  4. Hi. I saw a thread with information on all the finishes/lacquer used on the Heritage line so i figured i would ask if anyone knows what kind of stain/lacquer Klipsch uses on the palladium line?
  5. Hi. I'm disassembling a P-27C but cannot get the tweeter/horn combo out. As you can see from the picture i have removed the nuts holding it in place and its very loose but it feels like its still stuck to something at the bottom. Anyone know what i might be missing?
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