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  1. 23 and counting here. As I upgrade the home systems my garage speakers are getting replaced with the orphans. I considered selling but who doesn't need a Klipsch 7.1 system while out turning wrenches! It's all about consistency.
  2. I've tried both. The 504 is superior from my exp although the 450 isn't bad at all.
  3. I could do $300 + shipping if that seems fair. I’m waiting on the pictures to download but I took a quick screenshot while waiting
  4. I have a practically new ebony RP-440C that I'm about to list in the garage sale section if you would like to save a few dollars. No issues, nicks, or scratches. Just let me know if your interested. It will be shipped with a lot of protection to avoid damage.........Ben
  5. I just wanted to give a shout out to Cory at Paducah Home Theatre (no affiliation). I've been wanting to upgrade my center channel from my current RP-440C to the RP-504C for a while now and I found his info here on the forum from other members recommending him for Klipsch gear. I gave him a call on Tuesday and spoke to him about my needs, he was very helpful and gave my a killer deal (in my opinion) and even gave me a heads up on near future price increases. I'm looking to get another set of RP-8000's so I'll order from him in the next week or so. He had the RP-504C in stock and shipped it that evening, the box arrived yesterday undamaged and I was "Testing" it out last night. I'll be listing my practically new RP-440C in the garage sale section in the next day or so unless anyone shows interest beforehand......Lowfat
  6. I didn't have time to take a look at it last night but will try to get some pictures tonight.
  7. I never knew I needed to find and try out vintage equipment until now. I shudder at all of the yard sales where I've just walked on by old Hi Fi equipment. I always thought it looked neat but didn't even consider the different sound they reproduce. I'll start hunting now but until then I have an old cabinet style record player that was handed down to me. 8ft long with the wooden opening lid in the center and built in speakers at the ends. I'm guessing it's from the early sixties and It still works but the volume is very scratchy, I'll try cleaning everything as recommended in this thread and see what happens. I'm not sure of the brand but will look tonight. The outer table top and cabinet are in perfect condition.
  8. LOWFAT930


    Interesting that both would stop at the same time. Are you sure it's not a receiver problem? Have you tested different speakers with that receiver to make sure that channel works? You said you tested them on a different receiver and they worked fine. What exactly happened when they both stopped working? I wouldn't expect both to stop working all of the sudden and it be a speaker problem without an external issue being the cause, maybe one but not both. I've been wrong before though, we need more information.
  9. Long story short, About a year and a half ago I upgraded my AVR in my man cave from a Onkyo NR-656 to a Onkyo TX-RZ840 and have never been happy about the sound. It just never sounded as rich/full as the 656 so I messed around a bit and got it to sound decent but still found it lacking. Current set up as follows, Front Channel Speakers Klipsch R-28F (Bi Wired) Full Band--Towed In Center Channel Speaker Klipsch RP-440C 80Hz Dolby Atmos Front Height Speakers Klipsch RP-140SA 80Hz Side Channel Speakers Klipsch RP-240 80Hz Rear Channel Speakers Klipsch RP-240 80Hz--Towed In (may change this) Subwoofer Front Klipsch SPL-120 Subwoofer Rear Klipsch SPL-120 Bannana Plug Connectors 12GA Oxygen Free Copper Wire My listening/movie area is in the basement with fairly low 7ft ceilings and lots of sound treatment to eliminate rattles etc and is pretty quiet. I've ran the auto EQ function a few times but again it never sounded that great so I took some time last night to tinker. I started by selecting a choice album that I've heard a hundred times (Pink Floyd-WYWH)to see if I could tell any differences after tweaking a setting on the AVR and listening to the same track again. I grabbed a notebook so I could list my original settings and note each change I made. I selected Welcome To The Machine cranked it up and got to it by making only one small change at a time and focusing on one speaker group (I like all channel stereo when playing music) I was able to hear each group finally come alive. I adjusted the EQ, Distance, and Treb/Bass and little by little the music came to life as I was beginning to hear sounds wiz past my ears that I never knew were mixed in!! I thought I'd heard everything there was on the album but I was wrong, so after making the adjustments (probably spent 4-5 hours tweaking) I had to listen to the entire album start to finish again and it was like hearing it for the first time. I was happy how it sounded so I threw in DSOM and Meddle, the difference is night and day now. I may lower the side and rear speakers to get the horns to the same height as the towers horns and see how that sounds. I may wait a little as I plan to purchase some RP-8000F's soon to replace the R-28's. To everyone who is new or seasoned it pays to take the time to tweak your system's settings, I never had a chance to see PF live but can tell you that after adjusting everything last night it "felt" as if I was there......LF
  10. According to the information you have provided about speaker setup you won't have the ability to run height speakers at this time. It looks as if you can run a 7.1 or possibly 7.2 if you have dual sub pre outs. To run heights you will need to sacrifice the rears and use that input as your heights but I am no expert in this field. It will all be up to your listening tastes so you may want to experiment a bit. If it were me I would rather use it as 2 fronts,center,2 surrounds(sides) and 2 rears with 1 or 2 subs and leave out the height channel. To have a 9.1 or 9.2 etc to utilize the height channel you will need a AVR with the additional processing ability and 2 more speaker terminals similar to 2 fronts,center,2 surrounds(sides) 2 rears,2 heights. I don't know anything about the AVR-X3700H so others may chime in with suggestions regarding this unit. These speakers are efficient so going for the most expensive AVR based on wattage is the wrong approach. Look for usable features that suite you and by all means ask questions about what you are looking at if you don't go with the 3700. I can only recommend Onkyo as far as AVR's are concerned as that is the only brand I have ever owned so I don't have anything else to compare them to. As mentioned above you can always add power with external amps if the AVR of choice has pre outs .
  11. If you haven't already I would try contacting Klipsch directly and see if they can advise you. I had an issue not long ago with a faulty woofer on one of my RP-240's and they sent me a new replacement free of charge and it was at my house in 2 day's. I had it changed out and back on the wall in about an hour.
  12. I'm in a similar situation as I have a RZ-840 running a 9.2 setup. I do probably 60% movies,30% gaming and the other 10% music and it's plenty loud especially in my basement. I have a lot of wall treatment to reduce vibration as well. I'm thinking about getting a 3-5 channel amp from either Outlaw or Emotiva to power the 2 mains and center channel only as to reduce a little strain on the AVR. The 840 by no means needs it but I like to tinker and just want to see if it makes any difference mostly with music playback. I have noticed that the prices have gone up on the amp's I was interested in and some models are NLA possibly due to everything going on so I'm holding off until December or after the first of the year to see if there are any deals to be had. These speakers are efficient power wise so I'd say the AVR you have is plenty for them unless you are like me. Like Tim Allen said it just needs "More Power". I can't disagree .....LF
  13. 12ga was the right choice. Don't skimp on the subwoofer cable either as I feel this get's overlooked at times and is just as important.
  14. Welcome , You opened the door on this one! I agree on getting the features you like when choosing and it may depend on availability right now with everything going on. You may have to wait a bit depending on what you choose due to backorders but I'm not really sure. If it were me I wouldn't just grab anything that's available since you seem to be compiling a very nice set up. Are you able to demo any of the AVR's you have picked? I have heard different brands produce different sounds so it would be best to see what suits your ear's if you are able to test drive. I'm an Onkyo fan myself and would recommend they are not left off of your list as I've had a few over the years that have been shuffled around as I upgraded and have not been disappointed by them. Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience comparing them to anything else so I am biased but have been happy with their sound reproduction especially when I made the switch to Klipsch. I hope this didn't sound like an ad!
  15. I agree with upgrading the center as it's your main speaker for dialogue etc. I have 2 different systems with 8's downstairs for cinema and a pair of R-610's upstairs on a 7.1 setup for music listening only. I can tell you the 6's will not disappoint but if it were me and only wanting to spend once I would go with the 280's if possible. Welcome and it's a slippery slope this hobby lol.
  16. All great answers, DSOM is always a good choice. Echo's is a little weird in the middle but I usually (cough) fast forward until where you can just hear Rick's keyboard fading back in. Like everyone else it's hard to pin down a few songs but I feel "One Of These Days" should be mentioned as one that doesn't miss a chance to get played every time as well. Shamus is a good test but having 2 large dogs in the house is asking for trouble if it gets played.
  17. I can verify wire choice makes a difference. I will admit when I switched my old wire was questionable. I went with 12Ga OFC and some middle of the ground banana plugs. It made an audible difference. All purchased on Amazon
  18. I posted a version of this topic in the audio section today asking anyone if they enjoy experiencing any Pink Floyd music. Being home theater section I have a few of their concerts on blue ray and DVD as well. Does anyone else enjoy watching these and what is your go to. I was late to the experience so I never had a chance to see them live so experiencing their music through albums and movies are as close as I can get. I remember watching a documentary about them and a reporter was said to have mentioned that hearing Pink Floyd play was the loudest thing he had ever heard. Now that's funny , I do the best I can to get close to that. 1-Pulse DVD set. I'll admit disc2 sees more use 2-Live at Pompeii movie (Meddle version) 3-Album - DSOM or Wish You Were Here. Put either in and enjoy all the way through especially DSOM with all the effects bouncing around the room.
  19. This question may have been asked before but does anyone experience any Pink Floyd in here? I've seen a few mentions here and there so I know there's a few who know. What is your favorite album or track? 1-Echos from the Meddle album 2-Time ,especially after the clocks stop chiming 3-SYD
  20. 7.2.2 Atmos all the time when possible with movies and games. Music is a different story , I've seen that there are a few other Floyd fans in here🌓
  21. Have you considered bi-wiring the R-28's? There are usually two camps on this as some can tell a difference and some can't. This may have to do with the receiver being used but I'm no scientist and won't even open that door. I can tell you with my Onkyo amp and bi-wiring my R-28's I could tell a immediate difference in clarity compared to a single wire set up. I was running a R-25C as a front channel but switched to a RP-450C and both sounded good matched with the R-28's. I've made several changes since switching the center channel and would need to do a back to back comparison to determine a winner in that match up. I decided to stay in the 4" woofer range for all my surrounds mostly for my OCD since I run all of them without grills and my main system is in my basement with low ceilings. I just figured 1/2 the size of the front tower woofers for everything would be sufficient.
  22. Oops lol , My comment still stands! I read them all without noticing the dates as well.
  23. Thank you everyone for the advise. I took a look at the La Scala's and wow ! Maybe I should have put a bit of a cap on the spending amount since that escalated so quickly lol. Like everything else there's really no limit on how much one could spend upgrading. I'm going to hold off on buying an external amp and new front towers for the moment. I have only recently bi wired the front towers and can tell a difference in sound. I really only wanted to upgrade to the RP-8000's just so everything would match. I wonder how much of a difference I would notice between the R's and the RP's other than the firing ports being reversed and tweeter design? I'll search around in my area and see if I can find a retailer that can provide a demo when the stores re open and everything settle's down. An in home demo would be ideal to get around the smoke and mirrors that may be in place in a showroom.
  24. I agree with everyone else. Looks like you made your purchase already so that's good. I can tell you from my tinkering around when I upgraded my basement set up I had old who knows what brand 14ga wire that was x years old. I rewired everything using oxygen free copper 12ga and banana plugs that there was a considerable change in sound. I couldn't believe some of the prices I saw for wires. I'm in the wrong business apparently!
  25. I was using my RP-140's on top of my front towers for awhile (as reflection) and could tell a difference with them on and off. Just experimenting I have hung them on the wall directly above and behind them about 6 inches from the ceiling and can tell about the same amount of difference with them up there. It probably has more to do with the room than anything but I will leave them there for now. It really didn't take long to do it so I'd give it a shot if you like to tinker around with everything a bit like I do.
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