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  1. Mouse was trapped and relocated. Sub still works fine as best as I can tell. Crafty vermin.
  2. So, I’ve had a lovely surround set up with some reference premiere speakers for about 6 months now. Tonight, a very courageous young house mouse decided to brave the teeth and claws of my two cats and invade my kitchen. In the course of the chase it ran in the general direction of my SPL-150 subwoofer and is currently MIA. While my furry security system continues to hunt the home invader, do I need to worry about it running into the space at the bottom of the subwoofer and causing havoc on the inside? I didn’t see it run in there, but it would have been possible and I can’t tell if that space connects to the rest of the internals of the speaker or not. For those of you who have disassembled these speakers, do I have anything to worry about? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the info, all! I'm glad I don't necessarily need one right now. Thanks for the advice, Islander, I won't discount the floor speakers behind the couch!
  4. Thanks! TOS reviewed and link checked.
  5. Hello Klipsch gurus. I am on the cusp of moving from a dinky apartment to a real true house-home and in a stroke of both very fortunate and painful timing, my old out-of-the-box RCA surround sound system has decided to bite the big one. I've been wanting to upgrade to something capable of Dolby Atmos, and something with quite a bit more sound fidelity and power for a little while, so I am taking this opportunity to upgrade my set up. I've decided on a Yamaha RX-A3080 as a receiver, and essentially this home theater set up: https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-8060fa-7-2-4-dolby-atmos-home-theater-system I am undecided on whether or not I want a set of the tall floor standing speakers for the rear, as I will not have a whole lot of "backward room" behind the couch to get the most out of them. I'm thinking on using either another pair of RP-600M or a pair of RP-502S. My big question is, does my chosen receiver have enough power to drive this speaker set up, or do I need an external amplifier? If I do need an external amplifier, what would be a good choice? Mucho thanks in advance. ~Terriss
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