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  1. In terms of my audio knowledge I'm definitely a newbie so I figured I would join the community to learn if this is possible. I understand that this may also be nails on a chalkboard to read as I know this would by no means result in an ideal setup, but I am just trying to work with what I have right now rather than scrapping everything for a true 5.1 system. I have two separate Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Systems -- one is the older hardwired system and one is the newer bluetooth supported system. I am currently using the bluetooth system with my LG TV (which they connect via bluetooth, not by 3.5mm), and I'm wondering if it is possible to daisy chain the other system into the bluetooth one to create a (very) poor man's (limited) 4.2 setup. This way, I can have one of the systems in front of me by the TV and the other satellites supporting more of a surround effect behind me and have the other sub providing some boom closer to the seating. Ideally, it would be nice to buy two male-male 8 pin mini DIN cables and connect them from the preamp on the subs into a sort of dock that allows balance between L/R channels (front and rear in my case) as well as subwoofer/volume controls. Again, this could be the dumbest proposition in the world and it may not even be possible, but I'm wondering if it is and if so how I would go about doing it. Thanks in advance
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