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  1. Ok, update: I was able to grab some images of the speakers shown below. They are not walnut, its birch lacquered satin, my mistake. The sides have a couple small scuffs on both pair as shown below but nothing major. What do you guys think? Suggestions?
  2. Hi guys, I stumbled upon a pair of La Scala's from the 80's that have been sitting in storage for a few years now. Wondering what a good price would be to offer for the speakers? The owner knows what they have and just asked for an offer. Could you guys offer some advice and thoughts? Thanks
  3. Oh I didn't see that Teaman, didn't mean to re-post something that was already up. Yeah I agree, wish they where willing to ship, but it was a stern. NO
  4. I found a pair of Fort II that someone is selling but not willing to ship them. They are located in Reading, PA. Anyone able or interested in helping a fellow Audiophile ?
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